100 Foot Journey

The 100 foot Journey is based on a true Story that highlights fight between Desi spicy Masala food vs French elegant food, cultural difference between a mature Indian (Om Puri) and a strong and sophisticated French Lady (Helen Mirren). Music by AR REHMAN and produced by Stephen Spielburgh.
As most of the Western food FRENCH food is fancy, Tasteless, Salt less, spice less, half cooked food good only when you are talking a nice girl for a date or dinner. It will be served in a fancy plate with some boiled vegetables with some salt sprinkled here and there and served with a glass of wine and hard bread like a stone. After eating the food you feel like throwing the bread on the Girl and will make you wonder why we wasted time and money on the girl. Most of the time our desi guys will drink the wine that is served and hardly eat the food.
With respect to DESI food we need everything in one dish. All desis from North to South thinks will have similar carving for food. The smell, Flavor of Desi food is something extraordinary. It really shows who we are as Desis. For most of the desis to be happy the food has to burn the Tongue and it has to take them to the wash room in the next one hour for them to be happy. All the five different flavors have to hit on the first bite. The food has to be Spicy, Tangy, Juicy and what not. Basically we like the food to hit the brain right away. We have to cry when we eat desi food that’s when we call it as good food.
This movie is a good mixture of Emotions, Laugh, Love, Sadness and some outstanding acting by both Om Puri and Helen. A.R REHMAN sweet back ground music adds lots of flavor to the movie. After the success of Slum Dog Millionaire Hollywood has turned its attention towards India related subject / stories and they are quiet successful in doing so. Most of the movie highlights the traffic, accent, culture, dress and innocent behavior of desis that brings wild laughs in the theatre as our desis can easily relate them to what’s happening in the movie and to some extent Desis tolerate jokes which makes fun of themselves. Basically we like to be called and act as JOKERS. A good example is Life of Pi, Million Dollar Arm and this movie. All are doing really well all over the world. The movie is produced by Stephen Spielberg. That should say something about the quality of this movie.


The story is about an Immigrant family (OM PURI / Juhi Chawla) who used to run a Dhaba in India and migrates to UK seeking Asylum as they lose everything in a violent fight. The only thing that they have is some family recipes and Lots of confidence. Their son is very interested and he tries various recipes and wants to become big. The finally decided to move down south due to cold weather in London and the family finds a beautiful village in South France. Obviously the scenery and the set up were too good as you get to see South France in a movie theater.
They decide to buy an empty land which is opposite to an elegant French Restaurant run by Helen Mirren. As you all know that French are very proud of their food and the way they serve their food. The restaurant run by Helen Mirren goes one step further to server the best quality food in a very sophisticated way. Om Puri and his Family opens up a Punjabi Dhaba in front of the restaurant 100 feet away plays loud Punjabi Bhangra music and start selling Tandoori chicken and Roti. The fun starts as Helen Mirren and Om Puri gets into tough competition and flight. The challenge is to make people who are not used to Indian food eat Curry and Tandoori chicken. The movie runs like this for a while.

Helen Mirren who is a tough lady slowly sees her business go down as the people starts to eat spicy Indian cuisine and starts to like the food. She finally finds that the chef is really an awesome cook and he has the talent. She starts to interact with Om Puri and decides that she will hire his son and take him to the next level in the career. The next half of the movie is all about how the Desi talented cook reaches high in his career. In the meantime there is a very sweet love that develops between the Desi chef and a French girl.


This movie is a must watch. It’s a drama but very enjoyable drama. You will be surprised how one can make a movie about a chef and keep you engaged for 2 and half hours. The scenic location in Southern France was good and I wished they would have showed more of it. Other than that the movie is about two restaurants that serve different cuisine and the fights between them. Rest you can watch the movie and enjoy it.

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