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Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Ram Kapoor, Gulshan Grover in a new Bollywood James Bond style movie Agent Vinod. The movie directed by Sriram Raghavan. Enjoy my review on the Latest Bollywood
action movie

Movie Highlights:

(1) The movie is like watching a Hollywood Thriller. AGENT VINOD (Saif Ali Khan) looks like an LIC AGENT who sells “Term LIFE Insurance” for Sick and Old people for 30 % of the movie and 10% of the movie he looks like an AIR INDIA “Travel Agent” working in Chicago Devon Street selling tickets to Old Aunties going to India from Chicago and 60% of the time he was like James Bond 007. He was perfect.

(2) KAREENA KAPOOR – NO Words to explain. Outstanding. You can See JOLLU flowing in the Theatre like Ganges and Bramaputhra River after seeing her MUJRA Song.

(3) JOLLU WATER – I have refrenced Jollu Water in this review in various place. JOLLU Water is the Saliva that falls from Guys tounge when he sees a HOT girl like KAREENA KAPOOR. JOLLU Water does not fall in guys mouth unless the girl looks perfect like Kareena.

(4) This movie should be listed in Guinness Book of World records for the Number of Villains who acted and the way they all are disconnected and still was able to entertain us without too much confusion. Only Bollywood can do this.


One line story of Agent Vinod is “Its a Hollywood style Bollywood Bond movie”. After reading horrible reviews about this movie I was not sure if i need to go for this movie. Its the same story, its the same old thing etc etc. I was totally surprised how well the movie was made. The movie is filmed in almost 12 different countries. A Bond Girl “Kareena Kappor” is also there in this movie.

The Story starts in Afghanistan where our AGENT VINOD (Saif Ali Khan) who is captured by some Villain group escapes from there and goes to Moscow, Russia. Don’t ask how he ended up in Moscow. Then after couple of fights he goes to Morocco. Saif Ali Khan who works for Indian Secret service gets captured by some other villain in Morocco where he meets our Bond Girl Kareena Kapoor. After couple of Rough encounters with her she finds out that she is also in the same page of saving citizens of a country. If the Villains succeed it will end up with some kind of World War or something of that sort. The movie Revolves around a package which is being shipped from one country to another. From the Baltic nations the parcel gets shipped to MOROCCO. Our Bollywood hero then goes to different countries and meets Villains. From here on the movie moves like this till end. Our Agent Vinod goes inside the palace of the MOROCCO villain as some Joker etc. The villain finds if out. Looks like the MOROCCO villain is the most powerful villain amongst the 10 other villains in this movie as He knows the Password to Detonate the package that is being shipped from one country to another. The password is the key as the climax revolves around the password that he set it up and the only two person who knows about this password is the villain and our Kareena Kapoor.

From Morocco the movie them moves to SOMALIA where they show another bunch of villains who are looking for this parcel. They just show some poor parts of SOMALIA for a while. Saif goes to Somalia and fights with those Villains in the ocean and throws them off in the sea. After than he flies back to KARCHI, PAKISTAN with Kareena Kapoor where he meets another Villain (GULSHAN GOVER). I think the whole KARCAHI scene was just to show KAREENA KAPOOR in a MUJRA Dance. WOW WOW WOW !!! No words to explain how it is. I have become a big fan of KAREENA KAPOOR Now. This movie is just worth just to see how well Kareena danced for the MUJRA songs. One has to fall on the feet of the costume designer who made KAREENA looks so good. I wish that MUJRA dress becomes India’s National Traditional Dress rather than wearing the same old boring Chudidhar.

From KARACHI MUJRA song the villains identify that they are secret service agent. Saif then jumps from a 20 Storied building with Kareena escapes from their and finally lands in DELHI. In the mean time the villains Ships the package in a courier service and the package lands somewhere in West coast of India. The Climax is now how Saif Save the whole country by Disarming the package. The funny part is Kareena Kappor gets shot by a villain and she gets hospitalized. AGENT VINOD finds the package finally in Delhi and he is trying to diffuse the package but forgets the password. Kareena who cannot talk because of Gun Shot needs to give Password to defuse the package. Saif Ali Khan who cannot wait takes the package and flies in a Helicopter so that he throw the package far away from Delhi where there is no crowd. He has 60 seconds to go. The timer Kicks in like a NBA Final Basket ball game. The question is will he be able to defuse the package or not. Kareena all of a sudden remembers the password which is nothing but the Camels Name which was the pet of That MOROCCAN Villain. Said enters the camel name in the parcel. That’s it the Package diffuses and he saves a big disaster.

Wait the movie is not over. He then flies to LONDON where he meets the Boss or all the villains. He then fights With him and delivers couple of Punch Dialogs in LONDON. The movie is still not over. He then flies to CAPE TOWN South Africa where he meets another Girl and the movie ends.


One has to appreciate his efforts in this movie. He has extensively traveled all over the world to make this movie. Although 70% of the movie he did really well the rest 30% he looked funny. In 30% of this movie he looked like LIC Agent who sells travel insurance to Sick and Old people. But I liked it. You will be entertained by his action. Not sure why he is with “Dadi” in this whole movie. He has a very fit body and blinks most of the time. His action sequence were quiet impressive. Over all he really was like an AGENT VINOD in most of the movie.


WOW WOW WOW. In the age of Plumpy, 3 to 4 Tire heroines in Indian movie KAREENA is one perfect heroine, who is flawless in acting, Dancing and what not. She is a real Bond girl of Bollywood. Especially the Auction scene in MOROCOO where she was Very impressive in her Western Party out fit. She impressed even better in KARACHI MUJRA SONG. If you have not seen a MUJRA dance go and see this movie. I can see all the guys sitting in theater sitting like a Dog with Their tongue filled with JOLLU WATER. After the song started all the JOLLU WATER was flowing like GANGES River In the theater. Very impressed with her. No words to explain. She is my favorite heroine in BOLLYWOOD now. LONG LIVE KAREENA KAPPOR. Long live the costume designer for the MUJRA Song.


Don’t get confused with the reviews out in internet. This is a great movie. Me and my friends debated a lot before going to this movie. We then decided that instead of sitting and do nothing lets go to theatre and eat those pop corns. We were all surprised with the outcome of the movie. If not for anything you can just go and watch the 12 countries They shot the movie in. Very impressed with MOROCO. Enjoy Kareena Kapoor in this movie. You might want to take A Cup or even 1 Gallon milk can to store your Jollu water though. A good time pass movie gets 65/100 for great location, good stunts and last but not least KAREEEEENNNNAAAA KAPPPOORRR …… Go and watch this movie in theatre. I really liked this movie After watching AGNEEPATH where we all came out with a Red face after the movie bitted us like Bugs for 3 and half hours. This movie is very causal and you don’t need to think and worry about getting bitten by the story line.


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