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Our second stop in our trip was Amsterdam. One good thing about travel in Europe is how well it’s connected by pubic transport and air. Trains run all over Europe and it’s the best way to travel from one country to another. There are various options available for you to travel in Europe. You can go to EURAIL.COM to find out all the options. You can go by Region, Country and can get a multi day travel pass. I would say that Travel by Air is much cheaper. There are some low cost carriers in Europe like Easyjet.Com where you can find really cheap and great deals. For example our flight from Barcelona, Spain to Amsterdam was 30 Euro per person. It’s simply an unbelievable deal for such a long flight. There are other low cost airlines like and When You find time go to these websites and pick dates and check for your future travel.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. As I have mentioned that every part / Region / City in Europe is different. Every place has its own history. People are different and the food is different. It’s very similar to India where you see different people and food everywhere you travel in India. Amsterdam is more like Venice. There are more than 1000 canals in the city. The Old City is really a good place to hang out for tourist.

Tip: If you want to visit Amsterdam make sure that you are here anywhere from April 15 to MAY 15th. TULIPS are the only reason for being here that time frame. One can find different variety of TULIPS all over Amsterdam. When you talk about Tulips the One thing that comes to our mind is KUKENKOF, Holland.

Suggested Days for a trip: Minimum of 2 Night Stay with a day trip near by


It’s a dream place to be for all the flower lovers. Its located One hour outside of Amsterdam. The Garden is about 80 Hectare In Size filled with Tulips. They have 8 Million Bulbs of Tulips and its one of the best place to visit as a Day trip from Amsterdam City. There are Tour Bus that takes you for 50 EURO a person. Take the 9 Hour trip as you will not do justice to the place in 4 Hour or 6 Hour tours. The Bus leaves Amsterdam central at 9 am and they drop you back at 8 PM. This is one of the best places to visit if you are a flower person or not a flower person. The variety you see is simply unbelievable. Every year there is a Flower Parade Sometime in April and you can get the information from the website. If you can be in Kukenhof during that time frame you will really enjoy the place. This garden is one of the kind of place to visit.

Amsterdam offers visitors with a unique kind of downtown like what you see in pictures. One can take a canal cruise the trip lasts for one hour and goes around the city. Other than that the city has a Flower market which is very unique and couple Of museums to visit. The city is very open with various cuisines. You will never have an issue with the international food in this City. Trams in Amsterdam are outstanding and you can go from one place to another without any issue if you stay in the Canal area Or the Central Station area. Everything operates in this city from the Central Station.

I would not recommend getting into the Hop on and hopping off bus in this city. Every attraction is connected by Tram or Bus. Don’t spend 30 Euros per person on the bus. Try to move around by Walk or by Trams in the city. There are various cities near by In Amsterdam. You can go to Paris in 4 Hours by Train. If you are thinking of going to Paris you can hop on to a train and reach there easily. Amsterdam is a place to visit in APRIL and the simple reason is TULIPS. You can go outside Amsterdam and see miles And miles of Tulip fields.

TULIPS TULIPS TULIPS – it’s everywhere

One place that goes in my mind from Mid April to Mid May is Amsterdam. It’s not for its outstanding picture perfect old town or for the canals or for the Beer or for the nightlife that this beautiful city offers. It’s all about a small Place called Kukenhof which is about a 30 miles drive from the city.

If you love TULIPS / flowers this is the place to go. A flash back from my travel made four years before me to write this article. This might inspire someone who is near by or going to India to stopover in Amsterdam. The Kukenhof park opens ever year for just 45 days during Spring. It’s one of “The Must Do” in your lifetime. Why not now than later.

The garden spans for few square miles. The moment you enter the park you will experience something that you can never see it anywhere. Miles and miles of Tulip flowers. Tulips that are huge, colorful and I am out of words to explain more. Tulips gets exported to all over the world from Amsterdam and its a multi billion dollar industry.

The unfortunate thing is they last only for 30 days and the peak time to visit the garden is from April 25 the till May 15th. That’s when the tulips are matured and nice. You can also take a small boat ride in middle of the tulip garden or walk in middle of those wide spread flowers. The environment between those wind mill and the flowers is something that words cannot explain. It’s have to be experienced.

At the end of the day after walking in the middle of the flowers one will for sure bow down and thanks the God with tears. We did for sure. There is a flower parade that happens every year and we were fortunate to visit it. This happens during the queens birthday. The flower parade is something out of this world. The parade ends in the park. This garden is part of many Bollywood Kollywood background songs. If you remember Hasku Hasku song of Vijay …

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