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Prabhas, Anushka, Thamanna, Rana, Satyraj, Nassar, Ramya Krishnan in India’s biggest movie ever produced “BAHUBALLI”. Bahubali is an imaginary, super human, Historic, Epic, War movie directed by SS Rajmouli. You need to have guts and talent to make an epic movie like this that spans for close to Two hours and 45 minutes and still keep people entertained with Jaw dropping visuals and neat screen play. Honestly I have not seen anything like this so far. The movie spans for 5 generation past and the settings in the movie are 500 years old including costumes.


Story is very interesting. Imagine a “MAHABARATHAM” kind of set up before reading the story. Imagine the costumes and back ground set up as well. A kid gets saved by some few village people. The kid grows in the village and he follows Thamanna to enter another world where he tries to save Anuskha who has been kept captive for 25 years. Later he comes know that he is the king and his family was betrayed by Nassar and Family. There are so many characters in the movie who were very well defined and all have done an excellent job that you get goosebumps all over the body.
The movie has two Parts. The movie exactly ends without any climax. It’s like ending the movie during interval. The War scene that ends the movie is a good 45 minute fight. I am not a big fan of fights in any movie. But this fight sequence in this movie is one of a kind, Jaw dropping with lots of special effects, Nail biting and very well made that you start clapping for every action. Hats off to the director, Special effects team which made all of us watch this epic story with a great involvement. The story itself is an imaginary thinking of SS Rajamouli and his inspiration to make a project like this. A super hero, war set up which a 500 years old kingdom set up, Lions, Bison and Elephant fight with lots of good actors acting at their peak talent.
What to say about the actors in this epic movie. OUTSTANDING. Prabhas who is the hero is well build and suits the bahu2supernatural human character very well. Thamanna was out of the world. Her acting skill in this movie has taken her to the next level. RAMYA KRISHNA rocked as the Queen of the kingdom. I always admire her in these kinds of roles. She has that get up that no one has when it comes to dominating roles like this. RANA who comes as the villain wow what a well build person. The fight scene with the bull was just outstanding. NASAR and SATYARAJ who were doing the supporting role shine as usual. ANUSKA comes as a captive and she has nothing much to do in PART 1 of this epic movie. PART 2 will be a flashback and she will have a role to play.


While all the actors did a fantastic job the real winners of this movie is the behind the scene workers of this movie. from Sabu Cyril the art director of this movie, MM Keeravani the music director, SS Rajamouli the Director of this movie all came up together to give us a movie of our life time.

This movie is a must watch. The movie broke all kinds of records in terms of budget, Collection, Quality. The budget for this movie crossed well over 250 Crores which makes this as the biggest movie ever made. I am not a big fan of big budget movies but a movie that can give us quality like this one deserves a 250 Crore price tag. There is no question asked if you want to watch this or not. You have to watch it in big screens near you to appreciate the effort that was put in to produce this fantastic Epic movie.
I can compare this movie to Hollywood movies like Gladiator where the Special effects, Costumes, Action and acting are on par with Hollywood standards. There is not even one negative point that I can pin point from this movie. It’s a must watch and it gets 100/100 from

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