Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Harshali in a New Emotional, Fun, Scenic movie “Bajrangi Bhaijann”. The movie directed by Kabir Khan. The movie offers a very good story, good Laughs and best of all a very good Family entertainment that one cannot forget. Enjoy my review on Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


In a world where we divide people by region, religion, Country, State, County, Area, Street where we live, Bajrangi Bhaijan delivers a very good message that we are all the people. It’s a movie about a Pakistani Kid who gets lost in India. The movie starts in the foot hill of Pakistan Punjab where a cute little girl and her mom decide to start their new life in Delhi. They board a train and the tragedy starts. The cute little kid gets lost.Mom and Kid gets separated. On top of everything she cannot talk or express herself.

The kid then gets into the safe hands of Salman Khan who is a humble, honest and a funny person. He comes to Delhi in search of a good life. The movie then turns into a very funny decent drama which quite honestly you don’t see in any Hindi movies these days. The movie is all about the Pakistani kid who grows in a Vegetarian house and her reaction to Vegg and Non Veg food etc. Kareena Kapoor gets introduced as a family friend of Salman. A little decent love develops between Salman and Kareena.

Not knowing the whereabouts of where the kid is from the movie rocks when the kid appreciates a Pakistan Cricket team in middle of a bunch of Indian supporters. Later he finds that the kid belongs to Pakistan and he decides to cross the border to hand her over to her parents. The movie, screenplay and humble acting by Salman was “So Sweet”. The movie offers a wide variety of background from the Tar Desert of Rajasthan Pakistan border to the beautiful Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan and India. The movie then runs for the next one hour
showing how Salman suffers to get the little one to her parents.

The Climax is just amazing. It will make you cry for sure. The scene in which salman hand overs the kid to her parents and walks out of Pakistan back to India, Crowd support, the scene in which the little kid who cannot talk shouts to say bye to salman is a scene which no one can forget. Just go baj3and experience this movie


Wow. Hats off to Salman to do a movie like this. All these days we are used to see Salman without Shirt exposing his muscles. We all used to wonder why he is doing all these. There is no sound, no crap in this movie. His acting, emotions were simply out of the world. The fight scene in which he goes to a Delhi Red light area to save the little kid was amazing. A very decent role. I wish he does a lot of movies like this one. Kareena kapoor does not have much to do in this movie. She is one of my favorite actress of Bollywood. The acting skills of the little one was quiet outstanding. So cute and her expressions were just outstanding.


No wonder this movie is doing so well. It’s so true how same people who were living together 80 years before, how separated we became. After this movie I am sure that we will see people in a different way. The different terrane from Desert to Himalayan Mountains was quiet amazing and a treat to watch. The kid’s role is something that people will not forget. A very good movie that is a must watch for this summer. This movie is running house full in all the theaters. It’s a family Entertainer which is hard to see these days. So book your tickets with your whole family go and enjoy his extraordinary movie. You will come out of the theater with tears, a very good feeling that you watched a good movie. BAJRANGI BHIJAAN gets 100/100 for all that it offered. Go and book your tickets now.


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