Benz Scrum Agile Table

How cool is to work on a Benz, BMW or an AUDI table. Look at the picture and see how cool it is. It has a Italian leather seat, very comfortable, with a seat warmer. It can recline to any angle and rotate 360 degrees.

This table is AGILE compatible as well. If you buy a BENZ chair a SCRUM certified Scrum master and a PMP certified Project Manager comes for free (Buy One get Two free offer). You can put 20 Developers around the Benz table and run an Agile project by buying one Benz Table. You can put your scrum master in the driver seat while all the developer can hang on the table to do their coding.

Now the best feature of all. This BENZ Agile table has wheels as well. So if you want to move this table or your AGILE SPACE from one place to another no need to hire an external contractor. All of you know how often Agile work area change and the stress we have to go through due to change of location.

Buying BENZ table Developers don’t need to worry about moving from one place to another as this table has wheels and a steering and a brake and it operates like a normal car. While developers are working the move can happen. It’s hassle free.

Do you like this new invention. If so buy BENZ table a new revolution in Table and furniture industry.


This product is available online and can be shipped for free within USA and CANADA

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