Cancun, Mexico Review


If you want to be treated like king staying in a 5 Start All Inclusive Ocean Front room, escape from the cold depressing winter, get served top Shelf colorful layer drinks while you are in a swim up bar or in a hot tub with your best buddies around you Or if you are looking for something close to USA with world class quality amenities which has Jaw dropping WOW FACTOR the answer for you is CANCUN, MEXICO. If you are planning for a trip and you want more tips please call me and I can guide you through as you always do.

22 of us went there last week for 5 Days to this beach paradise and I can say that this place offers you everything and exceeds your expectations by all means. We planned this trip couple of months back. If you are wondering how come 22 people can make a trip to a different county as a group? How that will work?

The logistics behind this trip was quiet amazing and very well planned and executed. When I proposed this plan to my friends there was NO Questions asked and everyone gave their Credit card Numbers including their 3 digit pin number. So the logical planning was easy and was a pleasure doing such planning. All 22 of us stayed in OMNI CANCUN ALL INCLUSIVE resort in the Hotel Zone area.

CANCUN is located in the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. One can see the clear Blue waters of the Caribbean even before landing in Cancun. All the necessary formalities of going to a foreign country should be followed. US citizens and Green Card holders don’t need a Visa to go to Mexico. Do you know that there is a direct DELTA flight from Columbus, Cinci, and Cleveland to Cancun that flies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the peak season. It only takes 3.5 Hours from Ohio to Cancun. The other option is to take Southwest Airlines which takes 6 Hours with a Stopover in ATL.


Cancun has a very amazing concept called “ALL INCLUSIVE” unlike other travel destinations around the world. For that matter most of the Mexican tourist destination has “ALL INCLUSIVE” deals. What it really means is your Stay, cancun2Food, Drinks all are included in your hotel room price. You can eat 3 times or 30 times, you can drink one or two drinks or 100 Drinks ALL are included in your room rent. It’s better than taking a Cruise line as Cruise makes money out of the drinks that you have and it gets expensive. So the only thing that you have to plan going to CANCUN is you have to do your research which one offers the best all inclusive deal. After reading through various travel sites we nailed down on OMNI. We want to set out expectations very high and OMNI was definitely our choice due to various reasons.

CANCUN HOTEL Zone area has very high end 5 STAR hotels which spans for almost 5 miles. All American brand hotels have their high end beach front resorts in CANCUN. You cannot go wrong if you select any of those which have All Inclusive deals. The Hotel zone is almost 4 times the size of the LAS VEGAS. All the hotels have breath taking view of the clear blue water ocean, White sand beach. Our hotel OMNI was located pretty much in the Center of the Hotel Zone Area. There is no difference between the nicer area in the USA and CANCUN hotel zone. It’s all pretty high end area, Safe, very touristic, scenic and you will not regret being there any time of the year.

What’s ALL INCLUSIVE Really Means to Me?

Most of my friends including me before this trip had this question. Your Food including Lobsters, New York Cut Stakes, Made to order Mexican Fajitas, Tacos Customized Sushi, Chicken wing bar right next to the main pool, a Pizza station, A buffet place which serves all kinds of international food (Spanish, Italian, American) food which has about 100 items made really fresh, Chicken wing and a Pizza bar that serves you wings all day long. Fountain drinks from 6 AM till 11 AM. If you still did not find anything that you like our AMIGO will make you what you want. Apart from the above the RESORT has two more formal dining options which you can go and sit and order from the menu. You are not limited in the Quantity that you can order.

You can order one, two or twenty dish. The count really does not matter to them. That’s Just the food. Your Drinks include all the top shelf drink that you can think off. You pay 12 to 15 $ for one drink in a restaurant here in the USA. You can order anything that you want. There is a beer station and a margarita station all over the resort which you can help yourself. One can order Mojitos and other mixed drinks swimming in the pool, floating in the water or being in the hot tub Jacuzzi and one of the friendly staff will serve the drink for you. CAN IT GET ANY Better? Your Shorts that you pay 10$ in a bar comes for free in ALL inclusive deal. So you want a quick kick order 4 of it and share with your friends. That’s not it. It gets even better when you order those mixed cocktails. Those colorful fancy looking drinks i have never seen them here in the USA. Our AMIGO will prepare them for you in couple of minutes while you are dreaming about the Sun, Moon and Stars with your friends. Plus when you are back in the room you are not disconnected. All the drinks in the room are free as well and they are included.

What to Do in CANCUN?

I have come to a point that while I am on vacation I want to Dream about Stars, Moon, Sun, Solar Eclipse and Lunar CancunEclipse, Sleep, drink and eat great local food. If that is what you want to do CANCUN is the best place to do that. Gone are the days when we used to start at 8 am in the hotel and roam till 12 PM in the night and take pictures in front of Tall high raise buildings. If you are adventurous and want to see places and do things related to water yes you have all of them here. You can dive into ocean, snorkel, scuba dive or swim with dolphins and they all are here in CANCUN. You will pay half of what you will pay in Florida to do all these. I recommend that you get a 5 Star hotel and do the dreaming about moon, star, and sun.

It’s mostly related to Water and beach activity. One cannot go wrong here. Also CANCUN is very famous destination for Spring break. Its rated No 1 Place for Spring break by almost all the travel magazines. There are bars that face the ocean all over the place. It’s almost like Vegas of Mexico. There are high end shopping that caters to rich and famous and there are street shopping that caters to casual shoppers. If you are interested in taking day tours there are plenty available from the hotel lobby.

What the Total Cost to do a trip:

I would say CANCUN trips are a bit expensive. It really depends on when you do the trip. If you do the trip during spring breaks its definitely expensive. The Hotel price their room cost based on the time of the year. MAR, APR is the peak season and our Ocean front room was 450$ a day. The advantage of the Peak season is the beautiful weather Cancun offers. Also when you do your booking call the hotel directly rather than booking via websites. Most of the time it’s cheaper that way and you can negotiate with the hotel directly if you are in a big group. US based website add a lot of tax for the child and it will be almost 800 to 1000$. Hotels have some nice negotiated price and most of the time they wave the TAX dollars which is a very good savings. Also its worth to pay few more extra dollars to stay in an ocean view. There is nothing like lying in your bed and see the sun set. Airline tickets are around 500$ a ticket and it depends on when you travel. So If you are a family of 4 your airline tickets are 2000$ and another 1800 to 2000 $ for your hotel if you are planning for a 4 night stay.

Sometimes you get a good deal if it’s off peak travel time. Sometimes GROUPON sends some coupons. You can also trade 35,000 miles to get an award travel ticket to save on the airline cost.


Overall Cancun is an experience you have to have. It has to happen now rather than later. I don’t believe in postponing my trip for any reason. If you don’t do it today you will never do it again. I love it and our group all loved it. If you can gather 5 to 6 Families and go there you will have a great time. I don’t believe in one family travelling anywhere. It’s too boring if you do that especially a place like this one. Pack your bags and go there now. Do it today.

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