Dadi Amma Software Company

DADI AMMA SOFTWARE COMPANY is a new revolution in Software Development and Outsourcing business. The model is very straight forward.

Get hold 10 Dadima’s above 65 years old who are wasting their time gossiping about others, reading newspaper and chewing Nuts and tobacco. Teach them Latest technology like BUSINESS OBJECTS, ETL, SHELL SCRIPTING, JAVA, ORACLE, Project Management in 60 days.

Buy them latest Apple PC with a good wireless connection. You are all set. These Dadima’s produce software products which costs One tenth the cost of giant outsourcing companies. The best deal is the companies don’t need to rent huge office. They talk good English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese so communication is no issue. They are very happy coding sitting under a neam tree or a palm tree. All that they need is Masala Vada, hot tea at 11 am and 3 PM and some tobacco Leaves to chew.

One can question about the quality of the software Dadima’s develop. They are smart, sharp and agile. If you test software developed by them in Quality Center all the test case pass without any defects. What else corporations want.

Trust Dadima’s… Go for DADIMA SOFTWARE COMPANY for your software needs. We are recruiting DADIMA’s now. If you have anyone doing the above let us know we will train them and place them in high tech software projects.

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