Dil Dhadkne Do – Review

Dil Dhadkne Do (DDD) is a movie about complex relationship in so called as “HIGH SOCIETY” how their relationship, Friendships are tied to their business and what they can sacrifice to make their business to be successful. According to the movie people who belong to “High Society” will drink, play Golf, have girl friends and their wife will sit in front of a big tall wine glass drink and stare at the glass for ever LOL. The movie is flooded with big star cast. Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Anushkha Sharma, Fharan Akthar, Priyanka Chopra and the list go on. The movie directed by Zoya Akthar. The locations in Italy, Greece and Turkey were eye catch but I wanted Bollywood to explore more. I was craving for more locations.


I think in the past 20 years there must be at least 50 movies with something related to Dil. In Bollywood if they are out of movie title they start with the word “DIL”. However this Dil Dhadakne Do
stands out and keeps us entertained for the full 3 hours. The movie is very similar to Zoya Akthar’s Zindagi Na Milega Do Bhara where bunch of friends who are busy in their professional life go to Spain and have fun. Here its bunch of high profile business people and their family go on a cruise to have a business fun.

The movie revolves Anil Kapoor who is a big business man from Delhi. His business goes through some stress and he plans For a Mediterranean cruise trip and invites his family and friends so that he can encourage his business partners. The plan is to get his son Ranveer Singh get married to one of his friend’s daughter who in turn will invest a lot of money in his company shares. They all board the ship from Portofino, Italy and the cruise travels around to various Mediterranean coasts. The son in turn fallsIn Love with Anushka Sharma who is a dancer in the cruise ship. The girl who he was supposed to get married falls in love with another guy who is a competitor to Anil Kappor.

The movie has some uncontrolled laugh movements when there was confusion and how Anil Kapoor reacts to keep his pride asA business man. The artists in the movie have done a great job to show their “High Society” status. Looks like you have to playGolf, Drink fancy drinks and go for a Mediterranean cruise with your friends and family and maintain an affair to fall under the”High Society” status smile emoticon To add more laughs Fharan Aktar and Priyanka chopra have their own story track.

The next two hours of the movie Is all about how the “High Society” people act to keep their business going and what they sacrifice including their own son and daughter happiness.


The key to this movie success is the star cast. The movie has some very good laughs, nice eye catchy songs, Great locationsIn Turkey, Greece and Italy. Anil Kapoor as usual was rocking. Ranveer Singh was too funny and his timing made the whole theater rock. I am big fan of Fharan Akthar and he always does well. Anushka Sharma rocks all the way in this movie and so does Priyanka. What else you want when you go for a movie.


Dil Dhadakne Do is a thorough entertainment. If you are looking for some eye catchy locations, couple of songs and lots of laughs this is for you. I would not recommend this movie to go with family unless you want to get embarrassed. Songs were good and i Really liked the Istanbul location. It was cool. However i expected them to show more of the Italian coast. They could have Shown more scenic locations. Other than that It’s a must watch in big screens. You will not be disappointed. DDD gets 80/100 for Its quality, Laughs, Location, and Star cast.

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