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July 4th weekend is a great week end to relax, make some good food and enjoy it with your friends. Here are few pics of how you can make delicious Hydrabadi Style Dum biriyani in less than one hour. Out of my 20 years of cooking experience I can say that the only dish that can impress anyone is Dum Biriyani. It’s a great dish with lots of flavor and when you make it spicy wow there is no words to explain how good it will be.

Follow the steps to make delicious Biriyani

1. Fry 20 red onions along with lots of spices. Use fresh ginger and garlic. Use some salt for faster frying of onions. Use steel wok to fry. You can use ghee to fry the onions. I am not s big fan of ghee as it overtakes other spices.

2. Mix the fried onions, ginger garlic with fresh Medium cut chicken piece and cook it for about 15 minutes. This is a good time to add all your masalas and spice powder.

3. Picture 3 shows that the Biriyani gravy is ready

4. Cook Basmati rice separately. Use high quality Basmati rice for better results. Cook in such a way that it’s 70 percent cooked and spread it in a tray.

5. Mix the Biriyani gravy in rice. Add lots and lots of pudina. Cut some lime and put it in different place in the tray

6. Now the Dum process is interesting. Use your conventional oven to cook the Biriyani Heat the oven at 400 degrees and place the tray with lid complete on. There should not be any hot air directly
On the rice.

Delicious Dum Biriyani will be ready in less than one hour. Although it appears to be a lengthy process to make Biriyani most of the work is multitasking. You can be in and out of kitchen in one hour.












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