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Greece is something extraordinary this World can offer to anyone. It’s an experience and one has to experience it at least once in your life time. Thanks to everyone who were very curios and wanted to know about Greece. I felt that Greece review will be something nice and useful for others who plan to go there. As I have covered extensively about. Switzerland and Germany in my previous travel reviews I am not going to write more in detail. As usual Switzerland and Germany is ever green for anyone who wants to go and it offers the best anytime you go there.

Our 5 days in Greece gave me a new perspective to our travel dictionary. No wonder it’s called as Tourist Mecca. From crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, Mouthwatering Greek food (Slovaki, Kabob, Gyro, Salads), Breath taking views of Santorini cliff, Party life in Mykonos that beats Ibiza and Las Vegas, Jay dropping unique architecture of the White sandstone buildings, cobble stone roads, Alleys, Cute and little shops, Very friendly Greek people, History that takes you back to 3000 BC, Nonstop 24 hour shopping and restaurants Greece offers everything for everyone. You can hardly find anyone who is dissatisfied with what Greece offers.


Greece vacation starts in Athens for most of us and so did we. Athens is a huge metropolitan city. Vibrant and colorful. Greek people are very social and welcoming. You can see that in Athens cab drivers. Very welcoming and they will give you a summary of what you can do there. Athens has 3000 years of history. Acropolis is Athens is a good example. A city that was built in 3000 BC. The Plaka area in Athens is fun and it’s always filled with people greece224/7.

Shops and eating place never close. It’s great for shopping and to stroll around and try some authentic Greek food. You can keep eating and it very nominally priced. After having 50 Euro Breakfast, 100 euro dinner in Switzerland and spending 20 Euros for a breakfast was very cheap for us. Athens has beautiful beachside. One can have fun for 9 Months if he is a beach person. You can pay 5 Euro per person and enjoy world class beach facility. The water is so blue that your eyes cannot take after a while.


Our second stop in Greece was Santorini. A short 45 minute flight from Athens took us to this magical place or you can take 5 Hour Cruise from Athens Port. If you have time I would suggest that you take a cruise. Santorini has the most expensive hotels that you can stay. We were fortunate to pay 325 $ / Night and we stayed in one of a cave (Those picture perfect White caves build on the hills overlooking the Ionian Sea) for 2 nights. It gets very expensive during the peak summer months this place rocks.

To me Santorini is NOT just another beach town where you go and fly in those Gliders or do snorkeling, Scuba etc. You can do all those in Florida. I am a big fan of beach towns, islands and I have explored enough to make a statement. ITS OUT OF THIS WORLD. Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption in Ionian Sea few thousand years before.The whole set up of this place is way different.

The wonderful pictures that you see in Travel magazines do not transform even 5% of Santorini’s beauty. I have posted few pictures that do not say anything about this magical place. One has to experience Santorini, Feel it, and enjoy the place. Volcano busted and formed this wonderful bay. Even today you can see the volcanic remains in form of black and red sand and rocks. The cliff is so huge that it will blow your mind off. I have not seen anything like this anywhere I travelled.

Santorini used to be a village where lots of sheep’s were raised few hundred years before. The caves are now transformed to 5 Star hotels which are originally caves where sheep’s were stored and fed from the roof on the top. Now these caves are the most expensive hotel rooms and real estate in the world. The caves are painted and transformed to beautiful hotels that are in the cliff facing the beautiful Ionian Sea.

It’s a picture Perfect place that one can die for. Those GREEK Churches with Blue Paint on top of the dome will flatter anyone in this world. It has the best restaurants and people just hang out and enjoy the beauty of Santorini (The best world can offer to you). The view from the top most Village OIA will blow your mind off. One can walk for hours in the small cute pathways and spend hours.

All the hotels have swimming pool that face the cliff. The cost of the hotels goes up based on the view and most of the hotels have a very good view of the bay. I have posted few pictures here that do not say 10% of what it is. Please make your flight reservation to enjoy the world’s most Picturesque place.

Our third stop in GREECE was MYKANOS. What to say and how to start. To get to MYKANOS you can either fly greece3from ATHENS or you can take a Cruise from SANTORINI. It takes a good 3 and half to reach there. It’s a beautiful place surrounded by hill and white color buildings. It’s a party place for European travelers to come and hang out.

MYKANOS like Athens is a place where the Restaurants and shops never close. It has about 16 iconic beaches that are picture perfect, Clear Blue water, and Perfect water temperature. All the hotels will have an ocean view and it’s a perfect place to hang out and party.

The best of all is the shopping in those cute old alleys. One can walk from morning till evening and still can cover only 25 % of the street shopping that Mykonos can offer. The best thing to do is get lost in one of these alleys. You can hang out there in shopping area or go to LITTLE VENICE area. Mind-blowing man. You can hop on to their city bus and explore the island and figure out new things. We did not have time to do all those. Definitely next trip


Greece will blow you off out of proportion. NO QUESTIONS or Doubt about that. Flying to Greece is a challenge especially if you are trading miles. In Peak time it’s impossible. So you have to break your journey somewhere in Europe and try a flight to GREECE. They are generally around 250 dollars a ticket. You need proper planning if you are heading out there. Hotels are very expensive as it’s a tourist Mecca. Island staying required proper booking or else you will pay a BIG $ to stay.

Food is cheap compared to Northern or Western European countries. You will love their food No matter how picky eater you are. There is not even one single meal that we had that was not tasking good. Greece offers a picture perfect view and the most Picturesque beaches one can imagine. I strongly recommend making a trip and enjoying this beautiful county. Greece has history and is located in one of the best geographic location in this world. It’s all about LOCATION LOCATION and LOCATION and you have it in this beautiful country. I am looking forward to explore more. CRETE is another island that you want to consider. I did not go there but I am always looking forward for it.

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