Gunday – Review


“Ram Leela” fame Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, Irfan Khan in new Bollywood movie “Yash Raj Films” Gunday. Bollywood is an industry known for Handsome looking hero’s like Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, Amitab, Aamir, and Hirthik and so on. The standard of hero’s has drastically come down in the past few years.

Looks like to act in Bollywood as a hero you need to look like a wall hanging Lizard which has Six Pack tummy with Neem oil spread all over your body and need to walk like Desert Camel and look funny and blabber in Interviews and Award shows. The new movie Gunday has two such lizards (Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor).


We wanted to stay calm after too much of Partying on Friday and we resulted in going to this Bollywood movie called Gunday. I went to the theatre without any clue of what this movie is all about and who is acting in it. While buying the ticket I saw Our Ranveer Singh’s poster in the theatre and there started a setback. Slowly we bought Pop Corn and Coke and filled it up sat in the second row to watch this disaster Bollywood movie.

The Headache starts from the first scene where they show a flashback of Ranveer Sing and Arjun Kapoor in their early age escaping from Bangladesh to Calcutta from a refugee camp and decides to steal Coal from Trains and sells them in market and becomes big. Slowly they both become Don of Calcutta. They both go by names Bikram and Bala respectively. They sing songs in 1975 Four Wheel Rajdoot which some funny looking old 1975 costumes. Already these JOKERS looks funny and the 1975 costumes make us wonder why we came to this movie that too sitting in the second row of the movie and watching it. I was getting so stressed and I started throwing Popcorn on people.

The Buildup that they give while starting was almost like watching Amitab and Dharmedra in Sholey. A train carrying Coal, Upside down fight, Villain with a Bold Head drinking, Head on collusion of Trains etc etc and soon you will find out that these two JOKERS ( Ranveer Sings and Arjun Kapoor) Jumps with a major 1975 Bruce lee stunt You feel like hitting someone who is sitting in the front row of the movie.

To add confusion to a plain old vanilla story line Joins Irfan Khan (Life of Pi) Hero. He gets appointed as commissioner of Calcutta who is responsible for catching these two GUNDAY jokers. He introduces Priyanka Chopra in between their friendship. We all know what will happen when a girl enters between two close friends. Yes The Friendship between Bikram and Bala breaks. Priyaka Chopra dances with these guys in couple of odd 1980 looking songs. Nothing special about her. The climax of the movie is a well know story for all of us. It’s about Friendship, Love, Police arrest, Escape, Train fight, Coal and who wins the race. You got to be kidding me. You really have to be a Joker to believe in all these anymore.


Nothing special. Ranveer Singh is the same RAM LEELA guy. Looks like he has 8 Pack now. He and his buddy Arjun Kapoor jumps from a mountain into a train and fights will villains, rides bike and delivers dialogs with a Funny looking face. Only god knows what they are doing. Priyanka Chopra looks old. She dances to couple of songs with these two guys and disappears. It’s not even worth to mention about Arjun Kapoor. Irfan Khan was Crisp as always.


Please don’t go to this movie even if AMC calls and gives you 20 $ each to watch this movie. If you don’t like someone recommend this movie to them. No one wants to pay to go to an AMC theatre and watch these guys fight for Coal, Bangladesh, Refugee etc. Such a known story and known direction. A movie that needs to be ignored and forgotten. Avoid Please.

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