Haufbrahaus (HB) – New Beer Garden

Looking for a unique dining experience in Columbus? Looking for some holiday fun, dinner with a large group Haufbrahaus is the answer for you. They opened their fourth branch here in Columbus, OH. They have branches in Newport, KY, Las Vegas and Dallas as well.

Haufbrahaus is Modeled after the very famous 400 year old Beer garden in Munich, Germany. The food that they serve is transitional Bavarian dishes.Pretzels, sausages and other finger foods are awesome. They are very famous for their tall 64 ounce beer served in a heavy tall glass. Beer gardens are very famous in Germany especially in the Bavaria region. If you have been to Germany and enjoyed those huge tall Beer you will get a similar flavor of it here in your very own Columbus, OH.

The uniqueness of this place is its wide and open layout and traditional Bavarian music that they play and they brew their own beer. It’s like a town hall and kind of a church set up. The beer is fresh and great tasting. This is the best casual dinning place that you can go in Columbus, OH. Period. Friday night snd Saturday night are their busy days and it gets loud, fun and crazy. The best part is they want their customers to dance on top of the chair. The whole place rocks.

Food is not that expensive nor their Beer. If you are looking for a set up that is not that loud they have a formal dining place as well. I recommend that you sit in the town hall where the action is. If you are celebrating your birthday it’s so much fun. They call your name and you go to the stage and they sing for you. It’s very unique compared to other restaurants where the servers come and clap and go.

We have been to this place 4 times so far. We had a great time every time we were there. It’s a unique experience and you have to enjoy it if you are in Columbus Oh. If you are going as a family go on a week day or Sunday to avoid crowd. HB gets 5 Stars for the fun it provides.

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