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Aamir Khan Presents “Lagaan” a Super Duper hit movie of the year. Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh, Rachel Shelley,Paul Blackthrone staring in the latest super hit movie LAGAAN. Music by “Little Master” A.R. REHMAN. Enjoy my review on “Lagaan” and post your comments to me at KANMAN@HOTMAIL.COM


Lagaan is a kind of movie that not only entertains us but drags us to be a part of the movie and feel the movie. The kind of excitement you get in the Last One hour of the movie is equal to riding 1000 Roller Coaster rides in one hour. The movie for sure is the best movie I have seen this year. The story is about “Lagaan” which means Tax. Its a story that happened in a small village in Gujurat in 1893. Its a dry small village which depends on agriculture for food. The Joy of the people depends upon the rate of rainfall in that village. Its a typical North Inidan village where they still believe everyone and everything.

AAMIR KHAN belongs to that village and he leads a happy life in that Poor Village. The Heroine of the movie is in deep love with him and she dreams about him everyday and she is very possive about AAMIR. The ruling BRITISH GOVERNMENT collects “TAX” from the poor village people who hardly make any money for their living. There is no rain this year and it hardly rained last year and the poor village people starve for food. In this circumstance the BRITISH GOVERNMENT asked the whole province to pay “DOUBLE TAX”. AAMIR with the Poor people goes and asks to reduce the tax or else the people will die out of hunger and poverty but the Government official does not consider AAMIR’s word or the Villagers word.

The movie goes like this for a while projecting a Poor 1983 Indian village and the kind of life they had. A black cloud passes by the village and one must see the villagers face and A.R. REHMAN starts his music. A superb song in “VELLI MALARE VELLI MALARE” tune gets over as the villagers dance for the song. AAMIR KHAN and his friends happen to see the ruling BRITISH people playing the Game of CRICKET and they decide that its some thing like the “GILLI DHANDU” game and its nothing special. A English guy happen to hear AAMIR saying it and gets pissed off. He asks AAMIR to agree to a bet. If they can beat the ENGLISH TEAM in a Three day cricket match he and his whole village will get rid of all the “TAXES” for the next three years or if they lose, they need to Pay “THREE times of the TAX”. AAMIR agrees to the bet and challenges the ENGLISH GUY.

When he returns to the village there is full of opposition for his bet. Then the village people decide to go to the BRITISH Officers and ask for a sorry. AAMIR goes with the village people and says that he wishes to get punishment for what he did but will never ask sorry. The British Official denies the villagers request and calls them to take the bet. Now Aamir khan takes the task of building a CRICKET team.But the guys know nothing about the game. Meanwhile the Sister of the British Official comes forward to help the village people to gain knowledge about the game as she feels what her brother did to them was cruel.She does all this without the other Officials knowledge and the Queen slowly falls in love with AAMIR.

The way Aamir selects his players was so interesting and keeps the movie in its pace. Now the roller coaster ride starts. I strongly recommend you all to wear a seat belt for the last One hour of the movie. Day comes when both the teams start to play. Its a three day match and the British team bats first. Its really unbelievble way they have took the Cricket scene. I was watching the movie in a HOUSEFULL theater. You must see the cheer for each and every ball and the silence in the theater when the BRITISH people hit a four or six. The british people gets all out for 324 runs and the Home Village team must get 325 runs to win the match and to get rid of “TAX” and the fate of village people. AAMIR opens the innings and the village people gets out. The tension continues till the last ball and they need 4 Runs to win of one ball. Aamir hits ……… Check out the CLIMAX by going to the near by Theatre………… People were really emotinally attacked by the way the movie was taken and first time in the history of Indian moive relased in USA the People gave a standing aviation for the movie. I really jumped after coming out of the theate. A SUPER DUPER HIT MOVIE OF THE YEAR!


Aamir has proved again that he is one of the best actor in Bollywood. Its his first production and what a movie he has made under his banner. Dont expect a fancy AAMIR in this movie. He is a ordinary Dry village guy. I bet he is going to win the best actor award for this movie and there is no doubt. I think the sole reason for a great success of this movie is him. It needs lots of courage to do such a movie and do it well. His outstanding performance in Quyamat Se Quyamat Thak, Jo Jetha Ho hi Sikandar and now in this movie makes him the Best actor in Bollywood. Good job. For sure this movie is going to give him lots and lots of awards.


Its a movie that needs to be watched in theater with lots and lots of people and i recommend you all to watch the movie with the crowd. For sure this movie is not a movie that needs to be watched in Video. Only when you watch in the crowd you can feel the tension of others. The whole movie was build slowly for the last One hour of the match between the Poor Village people and the Brititsh. The way they build the story was really good and cool. The heroine of the movie was sweet although she lacks that fancy looks of the modern Bollywood Actress. She did a great job in acting. No questions to ask about A.R. REHMAN’s talent. Super Songs makes the movie even more intersting althougt many were taken from his Tamil Hit movie “JODI”. A typical “VELLI MALARE” song tune was there in this movie too. I could not point out anything negative about this movie. Almost all the stars did an excellent job. Even the BRITISH artist did a cool job. “LAGAAN” is A movie that makes you feel sad when the actors feel sad, a Movie that make you feel happy when the actors are happy, A movie that makes you cry when the actors cry. This is the first movie of the year that gains a lot of applause from the viewers. People are comparing the movie with “SHOLEY”. For sure this is the best movie i have watched so far in this year. I at last felt satisfied that “I have atleast watched one good movie this year”. The movie is expected to collect 600 Thousand US dollars in US alone and its the biggest box office hit of the year. The movie gets 95/100 for its outstanding story line, for the way the movie was made, for the entertainment the movie gave to the public and great acting by actors and what else a movie can give to you. A must watch movie in theatre.

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