Lock Your Slippers


Sick and tired of loosing your slippers in temple and other crowded places. Here is a great idea for you. We all face this issue. 90% of the time we loose one slipper or searching for one after temple visit. Some one will misplace your slipper in a crowded place all the time. There is not one single time I park my slippers in one place and find it in the same place when I come back. I am not sure if they do it on purpose or by mistake. I am so scared to go to temple or other crowded place because of this issue.

Here is the only solution for you. Lock it as shown in the picture. Locking your slippers does the following for you

1. You slippers are together and they don’t move around here and there. Heavy lock will make sure that they are always together.

2. Even if someone misplace it both will be together. Sometime you find one and you get very frustrated finding the second one.

3. It gives a scary impression for someone who wants to misplace your slippers in temple. It’s like providing ADT security to your house. Thief will get scared seeing your lock.

4. This works on shoes as well. Lock it in the hole of each shoe you are all set.

5. The only drawback I see if if you loose your keys you need to call a locksmith.

Follow my idea and let me know

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