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Corded phones are really good for the “Wife’s” to show their anger and frustration on their husbands. Few years before it was used as an instrument to throw or beat their husbands when the wife gets angry. After the invention of Smart phones wife’s are scared to throw their IPhones on their husbands as it’s very expensive to beat the poor husbands. What if it breaks as they will be in contract and the wife’s have to hang out with broken phones LOL. You cannot go to ATT and say that I threw the phone on my hubby and broke the screen. Also when husband calls and says Honey I am coming late Corded Phones were great to bang and cut the calls so that the husband knows that the wife is really pissed off and needs to get back home soon.

This cool attachment to your IPhone and Other Smart phone gives the ability to talk in “Old Fashioned” way and also gives you all the features of a Smart Phone, Apps, browsing etc. This attachment gives the additional feature for the wife’s to bang the phone or throw on their husbands head and still play their Candy Crush game on their smart phone and order from Amazon app

This comes with an attachment as well and a life time warranty. Also to promote this product I will give buy one get two free so that 3 husbands head can be broken at the same time LOL. You can carry them in your handbag or attach to your belt so that it hangs. It comes in various different color (purple, pink, orange and green) to match your costume. Please pre order this wonderful invention at



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