Million Dollar Arm

This is a new Hollywood movie that all Desi’s should watch. It’s a movie about two Village guys from a remote place in India (Rinku Sing and Dinesh Patel) who is being picked by a high profile sport agent to play in Major League Base Ball in the US. The sports agent is in search of new cheap talent in India after finding similarity between Cricket Bowling action and Baseball Pitching.

The first half of the movie revolves around how an American goes to India and deals with traffic, cows, dogs in ATM, Cats, Bulls, Fox, Car honk Sound, Food and smell, Aunties in Sarees, street food in India etc. He tries to pick two guys who can pitch a Baseball at 85 miles. The process to find those guys was funny, short and Sweet.

The second half of the movie revolves around how the two new desi guys from India lands in Los Angeles (LAX) and their cultural shock from coming from an Indian village after seeing the beaches, bikini Girls, Clubs, Hollywood and what not.

The movie reminds of any Desi guy who is new to America and how they get adjusted to the American life. Most of us would have gone through what they show in this movie. From the Elevators, Mall, Cars and Roads everything is new for these guys. These two guys have heard about Baseball but have never played the game. The next Door Blond Aunty looks like an Angel to these guys. That aunty will be a daughter of a MCD server still Blond aunty looks great for our Desis.

It’s very common when guys come from India to America even if they see a worst looking Blond aunty Water will flow from desi’s mouth like Niagara Falls. The way these guys see the Lady from Window was just too good. I think for a desi who comes from India when they see a Blonde it will be like seeing Goddess Lakshmi or something like that. Also the accent in which these guys talk was also very funny.

It’s funny how we have come a long way from what we were when we landed in America. The first thing all of us do after coming to America is buy Levi’s Jeans, Nike Shoe, Ray Ban Glass and Nautica Perfume. The second step is to buy a Honda or Toyota Car and blabber and fight about the difference between a Honda engine and a Toyota corolla engine in parties with friends. The only people who cares about how much CC engine Honda has are desis.

The third thing we do is to get hold of a friend who lives in New York, Chicago or LA and Visit these cities during Memorial Week end or 4th of July Week end and roam like a dog from one place to another and get totally exhausted, tanned. The fourth thing that we all do is go to a Dance floor and have a beer and ask a blond to dance with you. This is the biggest disappointment that any desi guy will face.

A typical desi guy from India will go all dressed up and buy a Budweiser and drink and try to offer beer to a blonde and she will reject our guys and we will shamelessly walk out as if we achieved something great. Desis will have great fun getting rejected by a blonde in dance floor and our guys will be so proud of being rejected by blond. 99% of the desis would have done this at least once in their American life.

Coming to the story the two guys fall under the same Desi category. They get invited to a high profile Los Angeles style party and they do all kinds of non-sense. The movie then revolves how the Agent train these guys in Baseball and how these two guys gets drafted to play in MLB. The movie was crisp, well directed, well made that you don’t feel bored in even one scene. The actors have done an awesome job. AR Rehman keeps us engaged the whole movie with his Background music. This movie is a must watch. It’s running in AMC Theater and you will not be disappointed with this movie.

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