Offshore Kathy

Americanized IT Name – “Off Shore” Kathy Mangold”

Original Name : Kannamma Mariappan

Skill set : BI, ETL,EJB developer, PMP certified Project Manager, Six sigma certified as well. She is also a certified Oracle DBA, she is a .NET expert as well.

Kathy in the picture is a Off shore developer who can do the work of 5 On shore JOKERS. She has implemented SAP HANA without any issues. Kannamma goes by her pet name Kathy.

Some of these Americanized IT pet names that we use are really funny. When asked How Kannamma changed to Kathy she says When Krishna goes by Chris, Munusamy goes by Manny, Jaspreet goes by Jayson and Patel becomes Pat why not Kannamma go by Kathy. When asked about her last name MANGOLD she says that her husband name is Mani and he loves Gold. So she took husbands first 3 words and his love towards Gold and made it MANGOLD. That’s how she came with her Americanized name.

Look how pissed off she now with her on shore BSA, Project Manager and Scrum Master. Requirement all screwed up and she is unable to bill the customer. She cannot sit in front of the computer without programming. The on shore coordinator pissed Kathy (Kannamma) off as usual.
Can you guys help her out.

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