On Shore Fun


Looks like the Onshore coordinator is pissed off with the off shore guys again. The production move did not go well. Users are seeing blue screen when they click on the launch icon and the machine reboots automatically. When the machine comes back online it comes with Katrina Kaif picture. Not sure what the developer did to launch an application with Katrina Kaif picture.

The onshore coordinator as usual called India to reach the developer as he has no clue on how application works or the code behind the scene nor he has the technical skills to debug the code. Poor guy he has been questioned left right and center and Joker does not know any answer. The developer is watching Tanu Weds Manu returns movie and he is not answering the phone calls.

They are kicking the onshore coordinator (generally called as “Mastri” – A person who oversees a construction project). No wonder he feels like how it’s shown in the following picture.

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