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“Arva Kolaru” Simbu T Rajender in and as Osthi. The movie directed by by S. Dharani, starring Silambarasan. A remake of the 2010 blockbuster Hindi film Dabangg.
Githan Ramesh, Richa Gangopadhyay, Sonu Sood, Nassar and Revathi in supporting roles. Enjoy my Review of Osthi


Simbu after all his actions comes in as a Police man in this movie. He is called as OSTHI in This movie. I thought it was silly to call some one as Osthi. He is a Rowdy / Cop in this movie. Thestory line is the same old Ramayana / Mahabarath story line. Childhood enemy fight. Osthi is son of Naseer and Revathi. He is also a cop in this movie. He runs around with 4 Constables and makes some silly jokes around in some South Tamil slang. After 10 minutes you can’t even listen to what he is

He then meets Ritcha (Neduvali) who lives in the same village. The director is either showing her face or her hip in most of the scenes. After couple of encounters
he falls in love with her as well. Just to drag the story line he fights with his own brother (Ramesh) as well. The story drags like this for the next one hour with songs in every half hour showing Simbu’s Dancing talents, fighting talents. After a while slowly the parents of hero and heroine die. First Revathi mother of Simbu dies. She comes with a weird spray like thing in this movie without which she Cannot breath. Then the heroine’s dad dies. Then Simbu gets married to Ritcha and a dream song comes.

The story does not offer anything different. These are story’s from “AMBULIMAMA” times. Then the climax. Just to give twist to the story two brothers join hands against the villain. The Heroine disappears after a while. Then it’s the same old Villain / Hero Irritation.


After seeing Rajini in Munru Mugam, Kamal in Oru Kaydiyin Dairy and Satyaraj in Walter Vetrivel this guy looks like a Joker in Police dress. He irritates even more with Thirunelveli Tamil accent. He wears a tight Kaki police dress with Ray ban coolers and comes in a white jeep and blabbers some Tirunelveli dialogs. No one can stand those dialogs. There are 4 constables with him who are regulars in various other movies. They get slapped quiet often from Simbu as well. He has sung couple of songs in this movie which is the only good thing he has done. Especially the song “Vadi Vadi Pondati” song was good. He also does some amazing dance sequence which was really good. Other than that he is the Same old regular Simbu we are used to.


Yes it’s the same Mayakam Enna Ritcha. Looks cute and acts well as well. When it comes to Dialogs there is a big disconnect as there is no sink between what she talks and the dialog. There is no scope for acting in this movie like Mayakam enna as our hero Simbu takes over every scene. She is a great looking artist except for her Lips. It will be great if she can Laugh and keep a smile on her face.
She is Tall and big which is exactly what our tamil audience wants.

The movie offers nothing new. If you are not a Simbu fan you cannot tolerate this movie. The songs in this movie are outstanding. They are fast and good to hear. Story line is dragging. There is no scope for the heroine in the movie. Santhanam brings out few laughs here and there but he was disappointing in this movie as well. Overall this movie is a dragger. Gets 40/100. This movie will satisfy you if you are a Simbu fan. The song sung by T. Rajender and L R Eswari is a fast and catchy number. Songs are definetly a plus in this movie.

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