Papanasam – Movie Review

Kamalahassan, Gowthami, Nivedha Thomas, Kalabhavan Mani, Asha Sarath in a new world class movie “Papanasam” directed  by Jeethu Joseph. The movie is a remake of super hit Malayalam movie, a Mohanlal starter “Drishyam”.


 We are living in a time frame where quality movies are hard to find and one has to search for story in a movie he or she watched for 3 hours. “Papanasam” stands out with a touch of class story with a very serious plot, Thrilling, Nail biting, Family entertainer. To add icing to the cake Kamal and other artist acting results in a one of a kind movie of recent times.

Kamal is a local cable tv operator. He has a beautiful family. His two daughters and his wife Gowthami, a tea shop vendor is his world. He leads a happy and peaceful life in a beautiful village. He is an average low income person who saves every penny for a better future for his family. Things turn upside down when his elder daughter goes to a school camp. She encounters an inappropriate video taken by one of Inspector General (Asha Sharath) son. He demands a whole lot from her to delete the video.

 The movie turns into a fantastic thriller from this point. Gowthami who comes to know about this issue begs the guy to delete the video. However after no success they happen to hit him on his head and he dies on the spot. The family decides to hide the body. From this point it’s the arrogant Police (Kalabhavan Mani, Asha Sarath) against Kamal’s family and How Kamal’s

family tampers all the evidence against them.

 The screenplay from this point peaks and makes you wonder what’s going to happen in the next scene. I was one of those few fortunate people who have not seen the original very “Drishyam”. So it was a super suspense for me. It was really a combination of great acting by Kamal, Gowthami, Asha Sarath and Mani, great direction and nail biting tension. The climax is even better. I am not going to break the suspense. If you are going to watch this movie you have to experience it rather than me saying what the climax is.


 This movie is a treat for all Kamal fans who wanted to see him in a strong role like this one. He has done a fantastic job. One can relate this character to his previous MAHANADHI movie. Both are similar father roles who save his daughter from evil. Gowthami after a big gap shines in her Mother role as well. The two daughters what to say about them. Fantastic. Asha Sarat who acts as the Inspector and mother of the dead son. Amazing.

Kamals acting in climax brought tears in theater. The scene in which the Inspector and Kamal talks about what really happened was a master piece. We all know how well Kamal suits in roles like this. His innocent village dad role driving a TVS 50 scooter and his dialogs in T-Stall in Tirunelveli slang is something that cannot be forgotten for years.


This movie is an outstanding movie that is a must watch. The movie is 3 hours long with absolutely no crap and no Masala. Its pure quality, Great acting and extraordinary direction. There are couple of songs in the whole 3 hours. It’s all about acting, story and direction. It’s already a big hit and no doubt that it will break all records. I am one of those lucky people who did not watch the original version. Even for those who watched Drishyam you can see two legends acting and can compare and see. Enjoy the latest super hit movie and I wish and hope this movie will open up path for such quality movies in future. This movie gets 90/100 for an outstanding storyline and acting.

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