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PIKU is a very different, emotional, funny Bollywood movie. Amitabatchan, Deepika Padukone and Irfan khan stars in this classy movie. Bollywood movies are known for its mind blowing scenery, Locations, Eye catchy songs, Costumes, Heroes who look and dress like Italian models and heroines who look like Barbie doll in Screen (No matter how they look in real life), Makeup, lavish spending, ear rings, nose rings and what not. If any one of the above is not true then it becomes a Telugu movie. It two of the above is not there then it becomes a Tamil movie. If few of the above are missing then it becomes a Mallu Movie. If none of the above is there then it becomes a Bengali movie.


PIKU (Deepika Padukone) is the only daughter to her dad Amitab who works as an architect. They both live in a middle class neighborhood in South Delhi. Amitab is really paranoid about his health and is very particular about what he does. He keeps track of his blood pressure, sugar level and what not every hour. He calls his daughter for any minor change in any of his numbers. The movie runs like this for an hour or so. It’s just two character and couple of supporting characters who makes you laugh, entertained with none of the above mentioned. It’s almost like watching a Bengali movie which is very entertaining.

They decide to do a road trip to Calcutta to take care of their property. IRFAN Khan who runs a taxi business drives with them as the drivers who work for him does not want to travel with Amitab. The second half of the movie is all about the drive from Delhi to Calcutta. The relationship that dad and Daughter share, How PIKU keeps her dad in check, Laughs, cry’s and nice supporting role by Irfan Khan. The story is as sweet and short like what i explained above. There is no crap in the story line, no Masala like one would expect in a Bollywood movie. No colorful songs or costumes. The highlight is the movie keeps you occupied and entertained from scène


If at all someone can keep you occupied for such a one line story it has to be Amitab and Deepika. Amitab acts like a 75 year old dad of Deepika who is scared of his health and get irritated with everyone for their actions. Deepika acts as his daughter trying to calm her dad and deals with the society as well. I can’t imagine of anyone in Bollywood to act in these kinds of roles. Even though the dad and daughter fights there is an uncontrolled Love that you can feel towards each other. Both Deepika and
Amitab have expressed it casually in this movie. Irfan Khan plays the driver role and as usual he was good.


A lovely story line taken in a very sweet way. If you are looking for 5 dance and few fight sequence this movie is not for you. It’s a movie that you have to relate, experience and you will love it. Deepika is No.1 in Bollywood and this movie is another example. I can say this is better than her Chennai Express Mennamma Performance. A sweet movie to watch this summer. You will laugh and emotionally drained while you are out of the theater. This movie gets 90/100 for its outstanding story and great performance.

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