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Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt in a new Bollywood Super hit movie “PK”. The movie directed by 3 IDIOTS fame Raj Kumar Hirani.PK is another Sci Fi Bollywood drama with some awesome acting by Aamir. Bollywood movies are known for its Three to three and half hours of amazing background locations, Colorful costumes, Hero’s who show their arms and their 6 pack acting with two heroines who looks fresh like Gulop Jamoons or Bombay Halwa. One thing about Bollywood heroines is they are the best looking girls on Screen and the worst looking in real life. One can’t see them for more than 5 minutes in real life but you can look for 5 hours on screen.

PK does not fall under any of the above except for Aamir Khan who shows his arms and his body with a social message about Swamiji’s who the mediator between general public and god. Enjoy my review on PK


The Hype that was created for this movie was something that I have not seen in recent days. Reviews were all positive and the people I spoke to gave a very positive feedback about this movie. I was not able to wait to watch this movie. With very high expectation I went to the theater to watch some movie like LAGAAN or 3 IDIOTS. I was taken back for sure. PK is a good movie but it’s not anywhere closer to 3 IDIOTS or LAAGAN. It’s for sure a very well made drama.

Aamir Khan (PK) comes from a different planet and lands somewhere in Rajasthan. All that he has in his body is a communicator in his neck that sends signals to his planet. He is here to study about earth like how our astronauts go and study about Mars and other planets. He roams around in that village and one guy steals his communicator so he is left in Earth. He happens to meet Anushka Sharma who is a journalist who is looking for a good flash story for her news network. She finds Aamir very interesting and follows him to find more about him.

He happens to meet a Swamiji who people believe and follow. Later he finds that his communicator is with Swamiji. The Swamiji is like another swamiji. We all know that most of them are making fool of others and lead their life. He learns to talk the local language and he has amazing powers that he can guess anything and everything. The movie runs like this for a while and he finds that he is in love with Anushkar Sharma. Then the same old regular Bollywood drama. Aamir teaches a lesson to Swamiji. Alien falling in love with someone in earth and a UFO comes to pick Aamir khan, tata bye bye and one year later the same alien comes back to earth etc.

Aamir khan / Anushka Sharma:

Aamir as usual was charming and did a great job with this movie. The first half of the movie was awesome with his innocent acting. There were few laughs but I was expecting uncontrolled laugh like what the other reviews suggested. Second half of the movie was a bit dragging and was more like Oh My God movie. Anushka Sharma has to come in Desi dress man. I like here in Traditional Punjabi costume or lehanga choli than shorts and t-shirt. Her short hair cut was kind of odd. But she did an excellent job with her acting.


I think lack of good movies in Bollywood is clearly visible. A decent drama gets great appreciation from audience. The previous two highly anticipated movies Bang Bang, Happy New Year were all flops. So any decent movie will do well. PK is definitely well made movie with a message. Definitely it is not LAAGAAN or 3 IDIOTS. You can watch in theater if you have nothing to do. Don’t spend a fortune to watch this movie in big screens. Wait for a DVD as it’s just another well-made drama.

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