Ram Leela Review


Sanjay Leela Bansali’s (SLB) new Hindi movie Ram Leela offers everything that a good Bollywood movie has to offer. The movie is about a well build funny looking Hero “Ranbir Singh” falling in love with Bollywood’s Sweet heart & Angel from heaven “Deepika Padukone”. SLB sticks on to his regular formula of Lavish spending, eye catchy colorful costumes, Great dance numbers, a wonderful heart breaking love story, OSCAR award Standard Costumes and a movie screen that is filled with a minimum of 100 people all the time. This movie can be compared to his previous block buster movie DEVDAS. The movie is very well received that Bollywood Super hero Amitab Batchan has watched it 3 times. Enjoy my review on Ram Leela the latest hit movie from Bollywood.

The movie is about two Groups in a remote village in Gujarat, Rajasthan border. One must have not experienced how those remote villages will be and you will be surprised that such a village exists in India. The location and sets are like Disney Theme park. Eye catchy and jaw dropping sets with so much attention to detail which you can expect from a Sanjay Leela Bansali’s movies. The movie is Very colorful from first frame till the last frame with actors and actress Dressed up in typical Gujju / Rajasthan costume dancing, singing, fighting, Love, tragedy etc. You cannot expect anything better.

Hero Ranbir Singh looks like a well build Camel with Six pack from the Sahara desert which did not drink water for six months. If you pick a camel and put the camel on a GM diet and pour one liter of Palm Oil on the camel that’s our hero. He has a Very unique hair style which looks like a Polar Bear which had a recent hair cut in Great Clips which forgot to say what number to the hair to the stylist. He sings and dances in colorful Gujju costume. The entry song “Ramji ki Bal Dehko” will definitely take anyone to a high. He travels in a funny bike
and fool around with his friends.

Our Heroine Deepika Padukone what to say about her. Looks like she is the one and only Female in India who has a flat belly, Tall, Slim with a good structure and very expressive eyes with a non-cinematic Face. What a beauty. To add to the beauty she comes in colorful costumes that any man will fall for her. Adding Honey to Jack Fruit is her acting skills. She is the one and only heroine today in Bollywood who can act. The costume designer for Deepika did a fabulous job that you cannot take your eyes out of her. We were watching the movie sitting in second row in a huge screen. We all fell for her right there in the AMC theatre. What
A beauty man. No doubt that she is the No 1 heroine in Bollywood today.

The story revolves around Ranbir Singh and Deepika who belongs to two different groups that does not get along. The scene between Ranbir and Deepika were so well made that you cannot take your eyes out of the screen. In addition the screen is filled with eye catchy background. Songs in this movie is a big plus. Deepika dances Garba so well and the songs were very well-made that you feel that you want to go and dance. The communal fights were very typical with gangs fighting but one will never get bored as they were not the typical hero who kicks 100 people. The movie has a very good climax and a great twist and one would wish that there was a happy ending to this wonderful story. The movie ends with a thank you note to William Shakespeare.
This movie is One of the Top rated movie of Bollywood this year. No doubt that this movie a game changer for Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh. Bollywood has produced one more movie that will be talked about for few years. I strongly suggest that you go to the nearby AMC and watch this master piece in theater.

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