Rome, Italy – Review


Rome is a place that takes you back 2000 years before. We took a train from Venice to Rome. It was 70 Euros one way per person. The train journey is about 3 and half hours. Its one of the most scenic drive one can take. The European Alps ends south of Venice. The train stops at Bologna, Italy. Once you reach Rome after a 4 hour train drives a whole new world is waiting for you. Rome is the capital of Italy and the history of Rome backtracks to 2000 Years. The Romans were the most powerful people in the world that time and they are known for their architecture and pride. No doubt about that. The hotel room in Central Rome is 250$ a night. There is no escape or there is no scope for a cheaper hotel there. Tip: Try to stay near the railway station or the bus station. If you are flying into Rome Flimichinio airport it’s about a good 45 minute drive. The taxi system in Rome is really good and its fixed price if you are traveling more than 5 Kilometers. So you don’t need to worry about getting charged more. The taxi cost from airport to center of the city is 45 Euros.

Since we were coming from the railway station it was 10 Euros. We checked into a hotel. The easy way to navigate from the hotel to the attractions is by taking the Green Bus. It’s very similar to that of Paris and it takes you to 11 or 12 major attractions in Rome. You basically hop out and hop in when you are completed with that attraction. We stayed for 2 full days in Rome and I should admit that it was not enough. Rome is a very different city. Unlike our big city like NY or Chicago the city has its own charm. They have 2 different kind of city within Rome. One is the old Rome and the other is the new modern Rome. Old Rome is a must see which takes you back 2000 Years.

The Coliseum:

Coliseum is the highlight of Rome. It’s basically a Playground for the Gladiators. The kings who ruled Italy used to have fun here. Gladiators are the prisoners of war and they fight there in the Coliseum with Lion and Tigers. The amazing thing about this place is it is built 2000 years ago and you have to see the size of it. It’s simply unbelievable. It used to seat 50,000 people. Unfortunate thing about the coliseum is during various war times it was destroyed. The City of Rome is taking an utmost care to preserve this unbelievable monument.

Tip: I strongly recommend you to take a guided tour which is about 10 Euros.

Vatican City:

Vatican City is located about 6 Kilometers from the center of the city. Its one of the most visited place in the world and the church is stunning. There are no words to explain how big the Vatican church is. The Church itself is a city of its own. About 60,000 people attend the prayer service every Sunday. The architecture of this church is so unique and you cannot find anywhere in the world. Right next to the church is the museum. The museum has the most famous Michel Angelo painting. Unfortunately we were not able to go to the museum. Vatican City itself will take a good One day if you are interested in all the history. Stunning place.
Check out the following web site for Rome attraction by area

Shopping in Rome:

One of the biggest attractions in Rome is shopping. There is a place in Rome right next to the Treveni Fountain behind Palazzo. I have never seen a very interesting shopping place like that anywhere in the world. One end of the corner is filled with high flying fashion stores from LV’s, to Channel’s etc etc and the other end is for people like us. Lots of shopping and each and every shop will take couple of hours to see. Such a beautiful display of items and the craft of Italy. The place is filled with restaurants and one can just hang out there for two days doing nothing other than eating and having fun with the shopping. Also the best part about the street shopping is the branded stuff you get in the streets. You can buy a Louis Viton for 30 to 40 Euros. Trust me you can buy. There is a whole lot of Branded stuff for cheap in Rome. Sorry there may not be the “Original” Original but you will have a 90% match.

To be frank 2 days was just not enough for us there in Rome. We were just able to see 2 main attraction of Rome (a) The Coliseum (b) The Vatican City. You can spend a good 3 days in Rome and still come out and say that I have covered only 30% of it. Rome really stole our heart. I should mention about the Italians. They are the nicest people you can ever see. Every one has a smile and every one is very helpful. You really feel that you are back home in India if you go there.

I am happy that we were to this trip. It was interesting, educative and it opened me with a whole new view of other parts of the world. There is a lot of scope to learn every day in life and when you visit such place it opens up a new direction. One such direction that I got from making this trip was “ITALY”. I love Italy to the core now. I want to revisit and learn more about ITALY.

Italy has such a beautiful landscape that you will not find anywhere. With high Mountains in the North to Beautiful Amalfi coast in the South, with a beautiful city like Venice in the East, Florence and Naples in the West you cannot go wrong. My next trip is for sure to Italy and I will cover Amalfi Coast and northern Italy / Southern Switzerland.

With respect to the cost of the trip, It’s definitely and expensive trip. The best way to go is use your miles and get a round trip for 40,000 miles. Then plan your trip properly. Don’t ever use your miles to travel within US. Your miles are more worth when you use to make a trip to Europe or Hawaii. Use Easy jet or train for your travel within Europe. You will be spending anywhere between 350 to 400 $ a day. The break down is

Stay – 150 to 200 $
Food – 100$ a day
Transportation – 200 $ day


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