Shadi KE Side Effects – Review


Fharan Akthar, “Dirty Picture” Fame Vidhya Balan in a new Bollywood movie “SHAADI KE SIDE EFFECTS”. One has to appreciate the producers of this movie for having such a wonderful title. It’s so attractive that this movie will draw crowd no matter how the movie is. A bunch of our friends
went to this movie based on this very attractive title and of course for Fharan and Vidhya.


The story is about 95% of the Married man who wants to have fun even after marriage and kids. It’s basically about all of Men who is reading this review who does not Want to take any responsibility in life and have an “eye” on the next door aunty living In your opposite house or apartment.

Fharan Akthar and Vidhya Balan is a very attractive combination for anyone who wants to watch a Hindi movie. They are happily married new generation couples who like to party, Drink 6 Corno’s with 4 shots of vodka and act as if they did not drink anything and order 2 more martini’s again, dance in dance floor etc. The movie starts In a dance club where Vidya Balan is ordering a drink exposing her full back in a real Party costume.
Fharan Akthar gets introduced as a young generation party guy and offers Vidhya a drink.Soon he dances with Vidhya Balan and picks her from dance floor and later they surprise us Saying that they are husband and wife. A Very nice concept. When did married man started to pick their own wife from a dance floor. Basically they both are party animals and lead a cool life drinking Corona’s and Bud’s. Life is all about party, dance and drinks for them.

Soon they find out that Vidya Balan is Pregnant. From this point “Side Effects” of Shadi Starts due to all the Partying that they did in the past and not being careful. Fharan who is a young generation hero does not want to give up any of the partying that he does nor he wants to be a dad soon. He still wants to drink Corona’s and play cards with his stupid friends, Eat BW3 Chicken Wings, smoke cigar and roll the dice in nearby Hollywood casino with his friends. Vidhya who was a party girl turns into a traditional south Indian Married woman. From here on the movie is about the conflict between a party guy and a family girl. Vidhya Balan develops friendship with the next door neighbor and Fharan who gets fed up with all the restrictions at home develops friendship with a Joker friend and the movie drags from this point. Who wants to see emotional crap in a funny romantic comedy.

The Unfortunate part of this movie is with such an attractive star cast and a very attractive title this movie fails to impress with only few laughs. There were a few here and there but it really Disappointed us with how slow the screen play was. There was no scene in this movie where the whole
Theater was rocking with a laugh which is what one would expect from this movie.

Fharan Akthar & Vidhya Balan:

Fharan Akthan is simply the most attractive Star in Bollywood today. He does not fall under the big Bollywood stars but he has everything. Vidhya Balan has not lost any weight from her previous Dirty Picture movie. She looks big big big but she is pretty. Especially when she wears those short skirts and stand in front of the camera… She looks odd but beautiful. Both have done their part to move this movie but the screen play drags the movie down. They both are there from frame 1 till end of the movie.


I would say that I was disappointed with the movie. I really enjoyed seeing both Fharan and Vidya Balan on screen. I am a big fan of both of them. There was lack of Laughs in this movie. The director Could have achieved a lot with this kind of title and the plot. Second half was very dragging
with introduction of other characters when the movie could have been done with just the main hero and heroine. The movie is NOT a family movie. So please avoid taking kids to this movie. I would say wait for a good quality DVD and watch it. Don’t spend money to watch on big screens.

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