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Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans, Emma Stone, Irfan Khan in a new Hollywood super hit movie SPIDER MAN 3. The movie has a very simple concept. “People will watch Spider man if he can produce Spider Webs from his hand”. The same concept has made this movie a block buster hit as well. Enjoy my review on SPIDER MAN 3 and post your comments to lolluexpress@hotmail.com. If you are planning to go to theatre and watch this movie read this review and decide.


Spider man movies are always a treat to watch. One can easily relate to the characters in the movie without any logical thinking or complex mathematical formula or reading 10 novels written by someone like Harry Potter or Star Wars. Even today people don’t know why they are watching Harry Potter movies. They still watch it. Spider Man movies are easy to understand. Spider Man is the good person and a Villain who is the evil person and he saves the city from Villain. The producers of the movie know that as far as Spider Web comes from Spider Man’s Palm people will go and watch the movie. I was watching others in the theater. People were waiting to see when spider web to come out of spider man’s Palm. Once the Web comes people are excited and happy. Till then they were eating Pop Corn and drinking Coke. Even if there are 10 Sequels if web comes from spider man’s hand people will watch the movie. That is the impact Spider Man has created all over the world. The movie will be based out of New York most of the time to add glamour.

With great expectation we went and watched this movie as the 2 other Spider man movies did not disappoint us. This time it was in IMAX with is a remake of the First Spider Man movie. So you almost know what the story is. A humble and honest guy who studies in school who is a son of a REAL 3D effect. This movie Research scientist gets bitten by another. He finds out that he can create Spider Webs and fly all over New York from one place to another. He falls in love with a girl who studies in a Spider. Slowly he develops talent to climb and jump from one building to the same school. A Villain who is another scientist decides to run over people. Spider man who is the life saver saves the people with all his big stunts. The same story which we are used to for 30 Plus years in various different formats.

Spider Man started to generate spider webs from his palm from Black & White TV to Color TV and then in BIG Screen and then now in Real 3D. No matter what the format you see the movie the story remains the same. Spider man has so many fans that they make the same story in a different format and still the movie can generate 150 Million Dollars in the opening week of movie. It’s simply amazing how Spider Man is still in the hearts of millions. Spider Man 3 is no different. It’s the same SPIDER Man 1 by different the actors and director. The best part of this movie is no matter Man movies which will be filled with action from 15th minute of the movie till the climax this movie is little different. The Story builds for One hour what it is you will enjoy it. Unlike other Spider before the first be disappointed. One thing that is odd in this movie is Spiderman cracks few jokes about the web and delivers some dialogs. Some people in the Web comes out of his palm. So if you Expect action from first 15 minute of the movie you will theatre laughed and some where wondering why he is talking. No one wants Spider Man to talk. We need only Action. When Spider Man wears his uniform all that we need is Spider Webs and not dialogues.

Lollu Comments:

I recommend this movie as there is no big movies right now to watch. If you don’t want to watch the same story Again and you want action from Scene 1 till end then hold on till it comes to the Dollar Theater. It’s a very well done movie. Watch this movie in REAL 3D and in a good theatre with stadium seating. This movie is all about Special effects. You will not be disappointed if you are looking effects. Especially the villain Lizard which grows and fights against Spider man was just too good. Everyone who came with me to the theatre felt that for Special the action was missing. I personally did not like the Web that he produces. That I thought was Silly. Some characters are in our heart and people don’t mind spending 12 $ to watch such great movies. SPIDER MAN talking with villains and making jokes of Spider Man 3 will not disappoint you for sure. But somehow I thought that Spider Man2 was value for money as we all expect action from Scene 1 till the end of the movie. Part of the movie became like a Romantic comedy movie rather than a Sci Fi Thriller. Definitely a movie to watch this summer. The movie gets 60/100 for great action. It would have been great if there was more action in the movie.

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