Terminator Genisys – Review

Terminator Genisys is the latest of the world famous “Terminator” Sci-fi thriller movies. Terminator movies gave a new meaning to Sci-fi movies. However the latest one does not live up to the expectation. We went to this movie with very high expectation. Right from the start of the movie there was confusion. Looks like one has to closely follow all the terminator movies to even understand what was happening in the movie.

Arnold almost looks like Amitab batchan in “PA” or “PIKU” movie with white hair and comes as “Terminator”. The background music and the action scene are the same like the previous versions. However there is confusion on who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in this movie. After following closely one will be disappointed on what was going in the movie.

There are some good action sequences in this movie as well. However they are were short lived. They have shown some good scenic spots in and around San Francisco. As soon as they show Arnold the only thing that you can think is “PA” movie. Even at the age of 67 Arnold looks good with his well build body but the screen play and the confusing story does not engage anyone for more than 15 minutes.

The story runs like this for a while. For an average person like me who was sitting in the theater and expecting something to happen the movie just gave Only “Laddus & Bondas” back. On top of it there are couple of Chinese villains in the movie as well. Looks like the latest trend in Hollywood is to have one Desi guy and two Chinese guys to satisfy the overseas audience. Even in Arnold movies there is no lack of such jokers. I hope Hollywood does not end up having an “Item Song” in their movies to satisfy our Indian and Chinese crowd.

On top of everything this is a 3D movie. I am not a big fan of 3D unless it’s like AVATAR quality. I don’t like when every 5 minutes someone shooting someone and you don’t understand who is shooting whom for what reason. That’s exactly the feel I had. Arnold can fit very well in “BOLLYWOOD” doing Father or uncle role. I think Terminator movies will be too much for audience to handle.


If you are a big fan of Terminator movies you will be disappointed with the latest one. May be its just me who did not understand it or maybe you have to think like Genesis to understand it. I would recommend staying away from this movie. Don’t get excited like me and go and watch your valuable time and money. There are a lot of movies out there for time pass.

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