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“Puratchi Kalainjar” Vijayakanth, “South India Plain Saree Queen” Soundarya, “Enrum Elamai” Jayasudha, Pratyuksha, Vadivelu, “Junior Nadigar Thilagam” Nasser, Sriman in a New Tamil Movie Vijayaganth’s “Thavasi” Music by Vidyasagar and the movie directed by Udaya Shankar. Enjoy my review on THAVASI and post your valuable comments to me at


After watching all Diwali release movies like “Alavandhan”, “Nandha”, “Parthale Paravasam” which were made to make some difference and literally failed to make any impact on movie goers “Thavasi” with its normal Village story which we are used for 100 years is back again which at least doesn’t make us bored. Vijayaganth after his “NARASIMMA” which had all kinds of Back Kicks, Front Kicks, Twists and turns is hear again in his famous “Chinna Gounder” style “Nattamai” role.

The story starts in a usual way. A Village. 100’s of People ( Ladies, Gents, Girls, Boys, Kids, Old Thata, Patti) all dressed in Vesti, Kadar Shirt etc etc, 100’s of Cows, 100’s of Goats, One Big Temple Elephant etc etc and as usual A Temple Function and as usual Hero of the movie Vijayaganth gets introduced in a grand manner. A Background song praising the hero as he walks in thatDOWNTOWN of that Village gets over. He is “APPA” Vijayaganth. Another Vijayaganth “SON” Vijayaganth gets introduced in the movie as an Agriculture Engineer who is studying in city. The only difference between “APPA” Vijayaganth and “SON” Vijayaganth is “APPA” has a Wig in White and Black color and wears All those “KADAR” Costumes whereas “SON” Vijayaganth wears a Red shirt and White pant. So “PANT” means SON and “VESTI” means APPA and there is no difference other than that. As usual SON Vijayaganth will hear to what ever “APPA” Vijayaganth and all those things. Hope you all know what and all you need to add to this list and I think I need not mention anything in this review.

“Soundarya” gets introduced in the movie and I bet its one of the best moments in the movie like “ARUNACHALAM”. She gets confused between Vadivelu and Vijayaganth and brings sound laugh. Soundarya and Vijayaganth gets engaged and they both sing a duet with all those Violet coat and violet saree. “Nasar” as usual gets introduced as a Villan who is “MACHAN” of “APPA” Vijayaganth. They both Doesnt get along very well for 20 Years or so. As usual the Village People Hates “NASAR” Family. Once Nasar’s son happen to play with a Village “Dothi Female” who was washing her cloths in a river. The Village “ALAMARAM COURT” Decides that he needs to wash the village people Cloths. Nasar get pissed off of his Decision and looks for the right time. So he steals Temple Gold ornaments and puts it on SRIMAN. Vijyaganth gives another “Thirpu” which was wrong and Sriman hangs himself. At the time of marriage before Tying Thali “Sriman’s” Mom comes with a eye witness and says that his son is an innocent guy and asks “SON” Vijyaganth as her son as she lost her son because of the bad decision “APPA” Vijayaganth said. ( “THATU KODUKARADHU” ).Vijayaganth lets his son go with her and Soundarya stays in “APPA” Vijayaganth’s house saying that although he didn’t Tie “THALI” he is my husband and you are my “MAMANAR” and Jayasuha is her “MAMIYAR”. “Son” Vijayaganth leaves good Figure like Soundarya and goes away hearing his appa words. Oh Man who can do this. If I was in Vijayaganth’s Position I would have Tied THALI before Any Conversation started and would have gone to Switzerland for a Song Sequence in Snow Filled Mountains rather than going with a Stupid Old Lady who stopped Tying “THALI” for a Super Duper Female Like Soundarya.

Vijyaganth faces lots of problems in the other house and to bring “MOM” Sentiment Jayasudha does not eat. Another Major “Galij” is the other mom arranges Vijayaganth’s marriage with Pratikusha when Soundarya is waiting in the other house. This is like marrying “KOVAI SARALA” when “SHILPA SHETTY” is waiting to get married with you. She has one duet with Vijyaganth showing her assets which was horrible. To keep his dad’s name he agrees for that marriage too. The climax of the story is brining all the Threads togeher. How Vijayaganth finds the right Culprit and Brings “NASAR” to “PANJAYAT” and marrying Soundarya. I hope everyone knows what is the sequence in the movie.


This movie was far better than his previous movies like “NARASIMMA”, “VANCHINATHAN” etc etc. He has done everything to satisfy his fans. Fight sequence were really good with usual BACK KICKS like JET LEE does in his Marital Arts movies. His romance with Soundarya was enjoyable. There is no difference between “APPA” and “SON” Vijayaganth as both of them looks in the same age group. He acted to his fans expectation and no one can say any flaw in the movie although its just repetition of the same old “Chinna Gounder” or “Periya Gounder” etc etc.


If one has to see “How a South Indian Tamil ” Actress must look See “SOUNDARYA” in this movie. She was so good and no once eyes will move out of the screen when she is there. So was absolutely fantastic in her looks and the way she appears on the screen with those colorful plain sarees. I have become a die-hard fan of her after this movie. I think we miss one such Character artist who is good looking in Tamil. She doesn’t have a very fast dance moment like all these heroine but she looks great. A Typical South Indian Heroine and we expect more of her in the upcoming movies. Ayiram than Irundhalum SOUNDARYA, RAMYA KRISHNAN adichika Ale Kidyadu !!! Great Actress ! Ella Padathilum SOUNDARYA ve Nadikatum da Swami!!!!


Although “THAVASI” has the same old story line the movie was enjoyable to watch. VIJAYAGANTH’s Matured acting and SOUNDARYA’s Screen Presence was Simply superb. Couple of Songs were really sweet to hear. NASAR came out with yet another Outstanding performance as he usually does. Vadivelu’s comedy was really good. So the movie has various features that can be enjoyed by everyone and was not like Other “ARVA KOLARU” movies. These kind of movies can be watched and enjoyed and the movie came at the right time. The movie for sure is a hit movie just because it gave us everything what people expect. “THAVASI” for sure can be watched and enjoyed gets 55/100 for giving a good entertainment.


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