The Dirty Movie Review


Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar in “The Dirty Movie”. The movie directed by Milan Luthria and Produced by Ekta Kapoor. Enjoy my review on the latest controversial movie “The Dirty Movie” based on the real life story of Late vamp actress Silk Sumitha.


In 1980’s there used to be a time when the item songs used to be the key for any movie. Those are the times when there was no internet and people used to steel the posters of vamp heroines and take it home. People used to store those posters in their school book and stare the poster for hours. One such super duper south Indian vamp artist was Silk Smitha. Silk was so special among the other vamp artist. She has a great look and eyes will say 1000 stories to the guys. Her looks, face, and they way she twist her lips was a treat for all the Jollu Guys in this world. She was so famous that super hero’s of those days like Rajini, Kamal, Bagyaraj used to make sure that the movie has one Silk Song to satisfy the crowd. No one can forget the super duper item songs of 1980. They are ever green even after the actress has passed away. This movie is about the same Silk Sumitha who used to be an Item actress. The story is based on her real life. Vidhya Balan does Silk Role in this movie and she has exceeded everyone’s expectation and has don’t a fantastic job in this movie. The Real life story of most of the actress is not a very sweet and smooth one.

A young girl comes from a village with high hopes of becoming a heroine. She is been shut down from every angle by the movie world. A dejected girl then changes her mind to become a side artist. To get her first chance she has to go through the wild world of our movie industry. Even after so much pain her first item song was cut by the senior artist. She gets support for a leading directory and slowly becomes famous by fans help. She becomes a full fledged Vamp artist with lots and lots of fan following. She meets Naseeruddin Shaw who supports her and falls in love with her.He and his brother “utilize” her in a wrong way. The girl becomes a play girl for the people in the industry. Life turns and she is forced to act in B grade movies to keep her life style. Later becomes bankrupt and she ends her life.


Vidhya Balan who acts as Silk Sumitha in this movie definitely deserves a national award for her role in this movie. For all those who follow vidhya Balan she is known for her conservative acting. In this movie she has gone full blown and has exposed all her “talents”. She has done a great job acting as a vamp. Even though the story is about a vamp the movie does not sound vulgar at all. Vidhya Balan has gained about 10 Kilos for this movie to exactly look like Silk. She was too good in every scene and especially when she was acting with Naseeruddin Shaw. She reflects the evil looks of various co-artists, directors and what all the poor heroines go through. Fans will have a different view of Vidya Balan after this movie. She looks cute and really fits into this role. Naseeruddin Shaw looks funny in most of the scenes. He is a great actor no doubt about his. His imitation of 1980 songs with oranges falling all over the hill and rubbing the heroine was too funny. In one scene he will take an egg and it will convert to Omelet. That was funny. As usual he did a great job in this movie.


This movie is a must watch. There are no questions asked. The movie is playing in AMC theatres. I am happy that some one has taken a story subject and showed the real life of the artist. Songs are good and there is a lot of funny sequence in the songs. This movie is all about Vidhya Balan’s acting. If not for anything you can go and watch the movie for her. She has lots of hot scenes which does not look vulgar in the movie. For those who remember Silk and her songs you will for sure cry in the climax scene where she commits suicide. In 1980’s these people were the reason for huge success of many movies and as a fan of movies we have to bow our head for their contribution to the movie world. This movie gets 80/100 for an outstanding job by Vidhya Balan and great and funny acting by Naseeruding Shaw. Go and watch this movie it’s a great one.

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