Two States

Aliya Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor, Revathi, Amrita Singh in a new super hit bollywood movie TWO STATES. We a group of 7 different families from seven different states went to Two States movie and we all loved it. It’s a nice love story between TWO people who belong to TWO different states where nothing is common.


TWO STATES is a Love story between Two Awesome youth. Hero Arjun Kapoor who is a typical PUNJABI Youth falls in Love with Aliya Bhatt who is a TAMIL Brahmin. The movie revolves around how young age PUNJABI guy convince a conservative TAMIL Family. You all know that when it comes to Love you can even convince Sonia Gandhi but not a conservative Tamil Family. They are crazy.Our poor Punjabi Arjun Kapoor tries to convince REVATHI (Aliya’s Mom)Their love starts when they study in IIM, Ahmedabad.

This movie reflects what we go through and who we are as people from INDIA. We live in this unfortunate situation where We divide ourselves in all possible ways and shamelessly be proud about being separated by STATE where you come from. Dividing people from where you come from is very common among our Indian community. For example we all fall under one of the following TAMIL, TELUGU, MALLU, GUJJU, PANJU, North, South and what not. It’s unfortunate but it’s pretty common amongst us and we accept it and live happily (Shamelessly).

The way love develops between Aliya Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor was simply superb. It was crisp and short. The movie turns into a whole different class and mode as Arjun Kapoor comes to meet TAMIL Parents (Revathi & Radha Swaminathan). Awesome is not the word. The dad is a typical TAMIL DAD who spends most of his day reading a Useless Newspaper and drink Tea lying on a Sofa. We all know that TAMIL DAD is the worst dad to say that you love someone. They are Crazy and all that they will say is NO NO TO YOUR LOVE even if the girl is Aishwarya Rai. Arjun Kapoor who is a Punjabi tries to explain his love to Tamil Parents and gets disappointed. A similar situation happens to Aliya Bhatt who tries to convince Amrita Singh who is a Typical Punjabi Mom. According to this movie a Typical Punjabi mom is one who wears Lip Stick and Blabbers something which has no Logic. The movie gets even more interesting when PARENTS meet (Revathi, Tamil Dad, Amrita Sing and the Punjabi Dad)

As usual they end up in fight. There are a lot of cultural dialogs that happens between Amrita Singh and Revathi. The theater rocks when Revathi and Amrita Exchange dialogue about Punjabis and Tamils. The best is Revathi Praising all MADRASI people are Educated people and Amrita saying that MADRASI People are Useless. The remaining of the movie is how Arjun Kapoor and Aliya Bhatt convince these two NORTH AND SOUTH POLE parents and wins in their love.


All are winners in this movie. Especially the Tamil Dad. He was just too good. A typical Tamil Dad who drinks Tea in morning and scolds people around and Read newspaper from Top to bottom. No Questions about Revathi’s acting. Amrita Singh who acts as a Punjabi mom was just awesome. She delivers dialogs that you will really fall laughing. I was impressed with ARJUN KAPOOR. He was quiet and did his role. Aliya looks great in saree.


This movie is a must watch. There are no eye catchy songs unlike other Bollywood movies. It’s a slow and casual movie. There are a lot of laughs in this movie. The clear winners were REVATHI and AMRITA SINGH. Awesome is not the word for their timely dialogs and sarcastic comments about their State and people. They both are very proud about being a Punjabi and Tamil. Arjun Kapoor impressed everyone and so was Aliya Bhatt. The Tamil Dad was Awesome. I can guarantee uncontrolled laugh and a through entertainment. The movie is running in AMC and I strongly recommend this movie. I rate this movie to be 75/100.

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