Venice, Italy Travel Review

What to say about Venice. I don’t know how to start. One of the most beautiful place in this whole world. You really don’t get a feel for Venice until you board the Waperato. (Boat Taxi). The city of Venice is in water. There is no transpiration other than Water taxi. Imagine a city  without Cars, Motor cycle or even Cycle. The only mode of transportation is by walk. The history of Venice back tracks to the Barbarians. The people of Venice wanted to protect themselves from the getting attacked so they constructed a city in Water to save the people from getting attacked who used to come in Horse and capture cities. What a place.

Italy is full of Love and Kindness where you cannot see in any other parts of the world. The experience of going to Venice itself is worth the trip to Europe and Italy. The flight goes over the Italian Alps one of the most beautiful place in this world. Southern Part of Switzerland and Northern Italy is a must see for anyone. The most visited honeymoon spot in Switzerland is in this area.

Once you get out of Venice Marco Polo International airport which is attached to Land for one Kilometer. You have an option of taking a private water boat to reach your main land Venice.Those are expensive. They cost 100 Euros to reach Venice. The cheaper option is come out of the airport and take a Bus which is 3 Euros and it take you to the Island of Venice. Then go to the public Water Taxi called “Waperato”. There are two Lines. One take goes from Bus Stand to LIDO beach.

Tip: When you are in Venice don’t worry about saving Dollars when it comes to Hotel. I did the following and it really worked out for us. In Priceline you have an option of name your own price. Select an area right next to St. Marks Square. It’s the center of Venice. Book a 4 Star hotel. It ranges anywhere from 200 Dollars to 400 Dollars. Remember the price is only for 2 people. We were 4 including our 2 little once. Once you reach there they charge 40 Euro’s more. So the cost is approximately 225 to 500 Dollars a night for a family of 4. The break fast is included in the hotel cost in almost all the hotel in Venice. Also stay in a hotel which is right next to Grand Canal for easy navigation. Fortunately our hotel was right next to a Waperato station. The hotel name is called NH veniceMANIN. I strongly recommend any one going to Venice to stay in this hotel. A beautiful spot on Grand Canal right next to attractions.

We then rested and came out of our hotel room at noon. WOW. The beauty of Venice cannot be explained in this review. We just walked two blocks and we were surprised with the number of restaurants and the people how they have fun there. Eating in Venice is expensive. It’s an island. One thing I can suggest is to look for a Chinese place to eat. They are value for your Euro that you spend. My daughters wanted to eat a Cheese Pizza. We were sitting by the Grand Canal. Trust me the cost of the Cheese Pizza was 16 Euro Plus a fee of 4 Euro for the luxury tax. 20 Euros for a pizza was too much. The pizza is not like our Pizza hut where the whole family can eat a meal. It’s a thin crust small pizza which will feed your kids. I was talking to the shop keeper and he was explaining why it cost’s so much.

We then stopped in an Italian Ice-cream shop. They are the best ice-cream that you can ever eat. If you have been to Las Vegas you can get them in the Venetian Resort. They are amazing. Coke is 4 Euros. So be prepared with a big fat valet. After our lunch we boarded another Waperato and went to St Marks Square the biggest attraction in Venice. I bet you will have a feeling that you can never get anywhere in the world when you are there in that square.

St Marks Square:

Venice is an island and most people visit there for its beauty and the square. I cannot explain what is there. It’s a square with canals and shops and Gondolas. Wow. Just walk for 4 hours there and your trip to Europe and Italy is made up right there. There are shops which are small and cute. One thing that will attract you is what they call in Italian as “Maskara” the Mask. They are the most beautiful and the most artistic piece you can get. They are very famous out there. One more thing Italy is famous for is their glass. They have amazing glass medals and everything out there is so pretty that you will literally get lost there with the beauty. Not to forget the Gondola’s out there. They are very pretty and once can go for a ride in Gondola for 60 to 100 Euros. Gondola ride is an expensive ride. Half hour ride for a family is 75 Euros. But negotiate when you get on a Gondola. The later in the night it gets more expensive. Gondola rivd in the Grand Canal is the most attractive and the best thing you can do in your life.

If you have been to Las Vegas Venetian Casino and comparing against what it is in Venice there is no comparison. Las Vegas has done a very good job of copying and doing miniature of attractions around the world. I think they have done a good job in Venetian Casino with respect to a mini Venice. Venice is so huge that you just walk and enjoy every bit of it.

Tip: I did a big mistake of not staying 2 days in Venice. Please make sure that you stay there 2 days. Don’t underestimate Venice saying that its just small island.

Lido Beach:

2 Stations from St Marks Square is Lido Beach. It’s the beach for Venice. It’s so quiet and beautiful. The best part is the restaurants out there. If you count the number of restaurants in that small area it will be in thousands. They all cater to the millions of tourist who visit there. We had lots and lots of Italian ice creams out there and walked. Drinking wine out there in Italy is like drinking water. In fact wine is cheaper than water.

We then again came back to St Mark’s square to see the beauty of the square at night. There will be thousands of pigeons in the square. One will enjoy feeding food to the pigeons. There are multiple open air restaurants that play nice music some thing what you see in Las Vegas in that square inside the hotel.

Things we didn’t cover “Murano”:

Murano, Italy is the Glass capital of the world. If you see travel channel and if you see the Venice show they will show Murano. Murano is famous for its glass work. The street shopping that you do in Venice is filled with Murano glass work. It’s just truly unbelievable but affordable as well. You can buy lots and lots of goodies in Venice for your friends and family. Murano is a boat ride away from Venice. Take a Public transit to go there. It’s a pretty laid down place and you can even see how they make the Gondola’s.

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